Fleet Bank
I understand that you want to limit the amount of stuff being taken out from the fleet bank, I only suggesting that at some point maybe the limits on crafting materials and consumables be bumped up a little since there may be 250 of some material and I may only need five, but unable to get them due to the limits. Thanks
You can pull out 5 if you need it. Just hold the Ctrl key when dragging.

I may increase the limits at some point though.

Thanks for the tip.
Also, if you need more than your withdraw limit of crafting items, you can pull materials out of both crafting vaults independently. If, for instance, your withdraw limit is five, you can get ten items by using both vaults. If you need more than that, you can always come back the next day and withdraw more.
Thanks for the info, most of the time I put in more than I take out. It's just those rare occasions I may need something.

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