Poll: Mac Client is gone. What are you doing now?
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I continue to play STO using Software like "Wine".
4 33.33%
I continue to play STO on my PC, that I own.
5 41.67%
I continue to play STO on a PC, that I'll buy.
1 8.33%
That's it. I quit playing STO altogether.
2 16.67%
Total 12 vote(s) 100%
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Mac Client closure Poll
i tried playonmac and it doesn't work at all for me.
crashes as soon as i want to choose the character.
When I try with different graphic settings, it crashes immediately. When I try to restart, it immediately crashes after starting the client.

had to reinstall everything and trying wine now again. works, but crashes VERY often

Jens, here is the link to my STO backup thread. follow the instructions carefully. It works fine for me on my 8 year old Macbook pro. 


(btw there is some lag, but it is playable)
thanks aaict, already tried that.
It works on my macbook but I cant play any mission with that. I just can go online, talk, use exchange do doff assignments and so on.
It doesnt work on my imac. crashes immediately everytime.

I have played STO and other games using Parallels and Bootcamp. I prefer Bootcamp to keep the video quality high. However, Parallels does a decent job with lowered settings.
 Thanks for reading !!


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