Poll: Mac Client is gone. What are you doing now?
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I continue to play STO using Software like "Wine".
4 33.33%
I continue to play STO on my PC, that I own.
5 41.67%
I continue to play STO on a PC, that I'll buy.
1 8.33%
That's it. I quit playing STO altogether.
2 16.67%
Total 12 vote(s) 100%
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Mac Client closure Poll
Hello everyone,

as mention already in this thread, the Mac Client is discontinued. I'm curious, if you a Mac user, what are you going to do?
At this point I'm not sure to be honest.

Unlike for others, I was lucky to have official client work well for me (except when it went down during S11's launch). I've suffered very few crashes and "mac client specific" issues...so I'm very disappointed to see the mac client discontinued.

I have no interest in getting bootcamp/windows merely for STO so I'll probably look for some other emulator.

Crossovers by Codeweavers (https://www.codeweavers.com/compatibilit...rek-online) caught my eye so I might give it a shot.

If that doesn't work out, then I don't know. It might be time for Florian to retire from active service perhaps.

All good things...
I had a work Mac that I would play some of my web based games through - mainly World of Tanks back in the day.


Been awhile, but it worked like a charm back then.
[Image: cFqcOOp.gif]
Well... I'm shocked.
Had a fight with support this week regarding the macclient, haha. five minutes before they posted that the macclient is discontinued, I received a mail from support, saying that the problem that I have can only be solved with a patch in the mac client and that they're on it and i will hear from them. Seems like the german support didn't knew about the announcement. Weird.

5 minutes later I read in the forums that it's discontinued - thats a very fast response, but somehow helps me seeing it in a fun way... or let's say with a grim sense of humor. "Galgenhumor" they would say in my language.

Well - somehow I will stay. The Wine Workaround that I already tried is not stable yet and works only on my iMac and not yet on my macbook. Which would limit me a lot in playing time. On the other hand: If they refund me the zen I spent since last October I could easily buy a good PC for it. But I hate Windows, updating something every few hours, asking the sh.. out of the user "do you really want to click on this? Do you really want to do that? Do you really really really want to open this website?" Yes, I don't like Windows. :-D But it's not about windows or OS X  here.

So refunding. But I guess they will only give it back as Arcgames money - well, so I will have enough Zen for this year :-D fine for me, too.

No, I really don't like whats happening. Honestly, I hate them a bit. Giving us Mac users all the trouble and when we finally expect a bit of development they say, "aaaah, come on, it's not fun and maybe too expensive, lets forget it, we kick the mac users who stayed with us all the time although they had all the trouble and yet showed loyalty ..." - that doesn't feel good. It feels a little bit like Mac Users have been shortchanged (is it the right word? It would be to hard to say "ripped off" or "scammed", so I wanted to use a different word)

So I'm disappointed. And it takes a lot from the fun of a game when you're disappointed with it. We'll see what happens. The Zen store is already closed for me. Suddenly they're really acting fast - never experienced that with cryptic/PWE before. Woohoo. But it's for a reason, so they don't have to refund even more :-D Yes, when it's regarding money, they are really fast. Nevertheless, I like this fleet, I like the game. Somehow I will stay although it will cost me time and money (do I really have to buy a windows license???? waaaaaaaaaaah). I think before I try bootcamp, I'll try the Wine workaround again.
(02-05-2016, 08:18 AM)JonasBaxter Wrote: So refunding. But I guess they will only give it back as Arcgames money - well, so I will have enough Zen for this year :-D fine for me, too.
If you used your Credit card and/or PayPal, they will reimburse you that way. Otherwise it is "Arcgames money". Wink
I used only credit card - but...it says:

We will be canceling and refunding any active recurring subscriptions purchased between October 1, 2015 and today, including Lifetime Subscriptions. If a payment was made other than a credit card or Paypal, the value of the subscription will be reimbursed to your Arc Account Balance.

but with Zen, that you bought it's:
We will be reimbursing any Zen that was purchased through Arc or Steam between October 1, 2015 and today to your Arc Account Balance.

very funny indeed. Because if somebody really now wants to quit, he receives nothing. Because there is NO game in the Arcgames world, which officially supports mac. So you would have balance on your arc account, but can't using it.

Thats weird. But expected. We will see what happens, I already wrote the support as they said, but no answer yet.

funny. I received an answer from support.
It says that they will refund all the zen I bought to my credit card. NOT to arc account. So I will receive all the money back from the last months and as soon as i have a stable solution for WINE; I can play the character easily with all the benefits I bought the last months (although I get the money back).

But what they don't say is WHEN I will receive the money back. They don't know yet.

Well, hopefully they follow through and you actually DO get that credit back to your card. Good luck and hopeful for that follow through for you.
[Image: cFqcOOp.gif]
thanks. I now have a version with wine that runs okay. Not really stable, but 80% of the time it's okay. Not that many crashes as with the "official" mac client. But this solution only works on my imac and not on my laptop yet. But I'm working on it.

Is there somebody else who is interested in playing through WIne? If so, just let me know and I might do a thread with all the steps to the solution that worked for me.

Anyone that wants to get STO running on Linux or Mac should check out playonlinux or playonmac.  It still uses Wine to run Windows programs, it just has all the settings figured out and allows you to run multiple Wine versions so that you can use the one that's best for the program you want to run.

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