Command and Intelligence Kit Modules
Hi everybody,

did anyone try out the command kit modules or intelligence kit modules?
I have both abilities fully slotted now and can use the kit modules form the dilithium store.
Coordinate Bombing Strike MK XII and so on... they look great, do they perform well? Anybody with experience?

Thanks for your opinions!
(Maybe a good dmg addition for STOA Elite ground squad?)
Personally, I find the Command Kit Modules more of use than the Intelligence ones. The Command ones have really fine options regading teamplay.
"Take Cover" for example adds Damage Resistance and even Health, when crouched. "Strategic Analysis" adds Damage output steadily over combat time.
"Coordinated Bombing Strike" in my opinion is more like an Emergency option. It is useful, when you are about to be overrun by masses of NPCs, but they need to be packed together, otherwise that straight line of Bombs goes to waste.
thanks for your reply.
I was thinking about the same ones you mentioned. But with "Take Cover" I had the problem that I think, most of the other team members won't get it. It doesn't happen very often in team actions, that everybody behaves correctly, many are doing their own thing mostly. It definitely would be a great addition for our Elite Ground Squad actions within the fleet, but not for overall use, what do you think?

I'm really happy, when I'm in a team that knows about the mission targets - to expect that they all act coordinated is too much Wink

(I'm not talking of the great fleet actions, most of them are really, relly good and people talk to each other - but for example yesterday I had three failed BOS Elite in a row because others didn't know that optionals in this one are not optional.)

So, "Strategic Analysis" could be a good addition for the next fleet runs.

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