Hodos Shuttle Race
(09-17-2016, 11:19 PM)ED4 Wrote: Is this that mission that's in the main episodes seen and played by all factions? Anyway if it is, you've been duped.

I took this mission going on the other end of the scale. I did the worse possible speed ever taking more than a good 5 minutes possibly more maybe 7 or so minutes. And in the end, the stupid pirates still believe you got the fastest vehicle around. Huh 

Don't waste your effort on this thing trying to get it to go fastest when in the end, you still get the pirates blasting you to want to steal your craft be it you got the slowest trash bucket in the galaxy or not. I found this out just by seeing if I can avoid confrontation with the pirates. Thinking that if I were the slowest time in the galaxy, the pirates would leave me alone. But do you think that would happen? No it did not.

That's not the point of the thread, Ed, as the point is that this mission counts for credit towards the Inter-Fleet Competition Medal/Commendation, along with a score of 895 or above for the (space) Radiation Scans mission you pick up on New Romulus and the Dilithium Mining minigames. Thanks to TacPaddy for making the Commendation BTW!
[Image: akimalyn2380_13732.jpg?d=1486457680]
Thanks for the inf,o helped me grab a decent time. 132 I think i can do better after a few runs.

never thought of exiting the area to restart the mission - this changes everything!!

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