What to spend lobi crystals on??
Hey guys I'm stuck in my decisions on how to spend my 357 lobi crystalks. I could get the fighter that is only good in the vault and a few missions in story, or I can get the upgrade to the tholian set that is only good for the tholian missions. I don't quite know if the silk stuff is even worth it or if I should try to save them in case I am crazy enough to get more lobi crystals for the carrier. I'm just really stuck lol.
Think about it this way. You don't need to decide right now, you have plenty of time. Personally, I don't think the tholian set is worth it because combat with the environmental suits is usually very easy.

The silk stuff might be worth it if you want some more costume options. At the very least the robe might be worth it, but that's something you need to decide.

As for the fighter, would you use it? If not then maybe you don't need to get it.

It might be a good idea to save up for the carrier, but I really can't tell you to do that.

I got a couple spider pets and the tholian set upgrade. The tholian shield has 60% energy weapon resist. The gun gives +4 crit chance too. I use 2x omega set and 2x tholian set for ground fleet missions and with the gambling device I have almost 20% crit chance. I have more to open but I might get the sword, its not that great but it looks cool.
I love my carrier. Which is now Malikius' new ship but it moves slowly like my ex wife getting me another beer. Wink

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