Turn off Fly by messages
With the new lockbox ship Tholian Meshweaver Escort being incorrectly reported as a T6 ship, we are seeing an unusually large amount of those fly in messages coming across our screens. Take the following steps to turn off these messages

1. Click the Down arrow in the lower right hand corner of your mini map
2.  Click Notification Settings
3.  Uncheck 'Gameplay Announcements in the 'Fly-in' column

That's all there is to it Wink
thank you so much
It's crazy at the moment!
I remember writing a huge complaint because I didn't know how to turn them off a good while back. When I found out how simple it was I was pretty embarrassed! Lol

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It took me a while myself way back when to figure it out as well
Great tip.
Thanks !!!
 Thanks for reading !!

(01-28-2016, 07:43 PM)OTHER FLYIN MESSAGES Wrote: Does anyone know how to turn off flyins for seeing your friends log in and log out of the game? People changing characters is fine. Seeing them do it every five minutes is getting anoying.  Live Long and Prosper
they are in the same area as the OP instructions, i just turn off everything in the fly-in column.
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