Omega Particle Locations (most likely)
This should be the full list with all of the locations, in case any are missing here.

Seems like there's some missing from the wikis list, here's a better list from Reddit.
Also be aware: for AOY charcters Wolf 359 is bugged and inaccessible so if Q sends you there your in trouble

Thanks Tac that's actually really helpful. I appreciate the information.
Thanks for the info - it is a helpful list.  I'm sure Cryptic still won't have changed things much!
They havent

For fed my fav's are ds9 (you have to move a bit) for reds, Vulcan for Blue and Drozana for Yellow the latter two you can remain stationary.
It may be my internet., but in the mini games I always have some trouble. It's lag spikes and what not. for instance, when the speed changes during this game, it often jumps 4 or particles worth of the screen and I miss a lot of them. I still do pretty well, but my best scores are around 1200.
Depends on how many people are using the same particle

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This list is still quite helpful for the 8th anniversary, thanks!
I'm going to create a video on this on Friday (working two jobs at the moment) but I've been using mission transwarps to get to the various places for scanning.  Takes about 5 minutes total to move around and collect everything, so it works out great for me as I only have less than an hour per day to collect across all my accounts.


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