Omega Particle Locations (most likely)
Hi everyone,

with the 6th Anniversary being right around the corner, I want to share with the locations of the Omega Particles. Although these are the locations of last year's Anniversary, I doubt that Cryptic has changed them.

Space Zones
Qo’nos System: Red Omega
Sol/ESD System: Red Omega
Bajor System: - Red Omega (sometimes bugged)
Deep Space Nine System: - Red Omega
Rura Penthe System: Blue Omega
Ganalda System: Blue Omega
Vulcan System: Blue Omega
Wolf 359 System: - Blue Omega
New Romulus System:- Blue Omega
Andoria System: - Blue Omega
Sherman System (K-7): Yellow Omega
Drozana System: - Yellow Omega
Starbase 39 Sierra: - Yellow Omega

Ground Zones
Qo’nos: Red Omega
Qo'nos Academy: Red Omega
Earth Space Dock: Red Omega
Starfleet Academy: Red Omega
Romulan Flotilla: Red Omega
Defera: Red Omega
Deep Space Nine: Red Omega
Bajor Ground: Red Omega
Vlugta Asteroid Mining Ground: Red Omega
Ganalda: Blue Omega
Vulcan: Blue Omega
Andoria: Blue Omega (I hate running this large zone.... -Chris)
New Romulus Command: Blue Omega
K-7: - Yellow Omega
Drozana: Yellow Omega
Starbase 39: Yellow Omega

I'm stickying this thread for the duration of the Anniversary Event, so that you may find it quickly. Have fun.
On top of that I wanted to add some thoughts about the event.

If its going to work the way the winter event works, its a good time to get some marks on toons that need them. Here is what I am going to do.

Do the event one at least one toon, turning in the event currency everyday to get the ship.

On the toons I need marks on. Do the event everyday but wait to turn in the currency until I have the ship. When I have the ship, turn in the currency on my other toons that need marks. That should net me a tidy little sum of marks. I wish I had done this during the winter event but alas I didn't lol
And of course, we have bugs again. Blue Omega Particles in Genalda Station (Ground) are currently bugged.
thx TP, everything is a little buggy, had two crashes. But that list is great, thanks a lot!
Hrrm, how many times are you meant to be able to find Omega particles? I carried out the three listed tasks (ESD Admiral's office, K7 and Vulcan), went through "Time and Tide", returned to ESD and found another Omega particle (in the Personal Equipment store). Played the minigame, got another trace (so 4 in total). Bug or feature?

Edit : According to ESD gossip, you can do unlimited trace collections - it's just the quest and rewards which are once a day.
Correct, you can do the mini game as many times as you want. Use the traces for special R&D projects to get upgrade stuff
Having played the minigame, I must say this can be very profitable for someone in need of ECs. There's two ways to profit. Lazy and slow, or fast with a little effort.

Lazy and slow : Hang around in an area of space dense with omega traces, somewhere you don't have to actually move to reach the next Omega. Start the minigame. Let it run by itself - read a magazine or trim your nails or whatever. Collect. You're guaranteed one trace, no matter the score (you can score zero and still get something). Click on the next Omega. Repeat. It just requires 2 mouse clicks every minute for a steady supply of traces.

Fast : Play the minigame. Score highly. You can win 1 trace (for doing nothing), 2 (for at least trying), 3 (for doing well - 1600+?) and 1 Trace+1Sliver or even 1Trace+1Sliver+1Shard for scoring highly (over 2000).

If you don't want to use the shards to make equipment upgrades, put them on the exchange. Current lowest prices :
Red Trace : 44000
Blue Trace : 38500
Yellow Trace : 35000
Sliver : 110000
Shard : 380000

So it's possible to make millions (assuming people buy them at these prices) in just a few minutes if you have decent mouse/eye coordination.
I have been playing the mini game everyday for at least an hour or more a day .  I believe the highest score you can get is 2700 as I have hit this a few times by hitting every particle in the mini game.  1700 - 1950 pts nets you 1 trace and 1 sliver,   2000 - 2250 pts nets you 2 traces + 1 sliver and  2300+ pts yields you 3 traces and a sliver.  I have on occasion been dropped an omega fragment or shard or even both in the same mini game. Generally I'll get about 2 or 3 fragments for an hours time and about 10 shards.   In an hour's time I estimate if I were to sell all the omega items I drop for about 18-20 mill EC.   However I find that crafting the upgrade is far more valuable than the EC. During the upgrade event I'd use an omega upgrade + 2x rarity upgrade chance (found in an RD pack or lockbox or on the exchange)  for a whopping %40 chance of rarity increase per level when I would upgrade a MK II item.  I would hit epic on an item about 75% of the time on when I start with a purple MK II item.    Not to mention the tons of dilithium you don't have to use.   So if upgrading your weapons is important, save them if you can.  I have enough omega items to craft close to 100 Omega tech upgrades.  Or if you want to sell them, wait till the event is over and the supply starts to run low on the exchange price will dramatically increase.
cool i'll look for em.
(04-08-2016, 02:00 AM)mattbanks Wrote: cool i'll look for em.

This is an anniversary event which ended in February- you'll need to wait till the next one in year's time.

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