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Hey all i have Jackson whom is a fed engineer, I want to make him into an full engineer spec officer, however i am wondering what ship would work well with that career. I currently have an Odyssey Operations Cruiser, but i am wondering if that is a good ship. I have heard there are ships that are being released (rumors of a T6 flagship according to TP) however I am one that doesn't mind a few choices with current ships as well. I currently have from the C store the, T6 Ships: Eclipse Intel Cruiser, Phantom Intel Escort  , Tactical Command Battlecruiser. T5 Ships: Ambassador Class Support Cruiser Retrofit, Excelsior Cruiser Retrofit, Multi-Vector Adv Escort, and the Ody Bundles. Also since I want this toon to be sole engineer, what areas would I need to focus on as far as skills. Thanks in advance. I cant get any more ships from the C store at the moment however i will be getting ones in the future so suggestions are open as to the ships.

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Engineers usually play a support role. A bit of a healer, a bit of a buffer, a bit of DPSer. Jack of all trades, master of none lol. In my opinion there's no such thing as a "full engineer". When it comes to ships, the whole idea of "sci vessel is for sci, cruiser is for eng, escort is for tac" is, in my opinion, no longer valid. There are just some many abilities, skills, configurations, equipment, etc. that your play style is more important.

With that being said, if you want to go the route of a "full engineer" and fulfill that role I would suggest any Cruiser with a high amount of hull health and a high shield modifier. In space you're role would be to survive and protect the other ships while the DPSers do damage and the healers heal. Essentially you're the tank.

The same can be said for ground, but you can also do a lot of damage on the ground. Turrets, mortars, and exocomps on the ground are great. There's even a duff that gives you a chance of spawning three of of each. Shield abilities, that one health fabrication thing (I forget the name) are all good for the support role.

Hope this somewhat helps and points you in the right direction.

It really depends on your play style, and what you want to get out of your ship. As Attilio said, us engineers are very versatile, and can be a high end DPSer, or a tanky healer. So what are you looking for? If you can tell us, then we will be able to narrow it down for you. 

I personally use the avenger, cause I like blowing stuff up fast, with a good turn rate, but I don't use , a traditional broadside cruiser play style, as there are other ships that are better suited to that type to gameplay (although the avenger is good at broadsiding too)  If that's what you want, ill give you a more in depth description.
LOL throwing my 2 cents out here as well. Please don't be afraid to heal others. I have been in so many ISA runs (Fleet and non fleet alike) where I never get a single heal. I fly escorts in there and my heals are very limited. That's why I am always moving to keep my bonus defense up
Cruisers are your best bet as they have more engineering boff slots .You can use Sci or Escorts but are limits to engineeering boffs slots.
I fly all three main vessels - no doubt a cruiser does fit well with an Engi, and it's certainly a little easier to build around. But that doesn't mean escorts or science ship's won't work given the right skills. An engineer's power systems prowls can have great benefits when used on an Escort or Science vessel.
Fire, an Odyssey Operations Cruiser is a great ship for a eng.
With that ship I would not invest much in ships unless you need some special
ship traits. I would only upgrade it to T5U.
I am currently running Tactical Star Cruiser T6 but it's not much different
from a T5U, a bit more hull and some special consoles. But except from that
I think I could run everything with an Odyssey T5U.
I'm not a native English speaker. I make mistakes when I write in this language.

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