Weapon dameg type
I want to know what weapon dameg type you like and why.
In space I like phasers because they have the chance to knock out on of the enemie's subsystems (weapons, shields, engines, or auxiliary).

I like tetryon because they have the chance to reduce enemy shields.

I like antiproton because they have the chance to do extra critical damage.

I like plasma because they have the chance to do cause plasma damage over a period of time.

I use all 4 of those across 3 toons (my one toon uses both tetryon and antiproton on the same ship)

I also use disruptor on my KDF toon but that is only because he is Klingon and I'm trying to keep him in line with what KDF ships used on the TV shows and movies.

For my KDF with Siege Destroyer, I use Disruptors so the consoles synergise with the special javelin ability. I did 60,000 damage in one pop with that once.

My Fed science officer at the moment uses Tetryons on one ship (which I plan on swapping to Phased Tetryons) and Polarons on the other.

I mostly use Phasers and Photon Torpedoes on my Fed ships and Disruptors and Photon Torpedoes n my KDF ships. They are about as good in terms of DPS as anything else, and they are in keeping with the traditional weapons from TV and the movies. I usually carry a Tricobalt Torpedo for its massive damage potential. On the front, it can knock out a shield with one shot, or on the rear it can really damage a ship whose shields have been weakened by beam weapons.

On my Dreadnaughts, I use the Phased Polaron beams because they do a lot of damage and, when paired with Polaron Turrets on the back, the amount of firepower in front of you is very high.

As far as "keeping the weapons appropriate to the faction," I'm not afraid to use whatever I have available fi it works to my advantage. Incidentally, there is one of the KDF missions (I forget the name) that gives Phaser Consoles (up to Mk XI) as a reward. When I run it, I usually mail the console to one of my Fed characters, but every once and a while I use it on a KDF ship that I equip with phasers.
Upon reflection, I've become very pleased with Polarons on any science ship I run. With high flow capacitors to buff it the power drain is actually very noticeable. I've slowed Probes down a crawl with them and and a humble energy siphon, and that drain effects all systems equally. In contrast, I find Tetryons VERY underwhelming.

I use phased polaron 2 fore 2 rear. A dual polaron bank fore. Quantum torpedo fore. Polaron turret rear. And one tricobalt torpedo. With two polaron tac counsels it has really good firepower.
I run AP+PT DHCs+ Turrets in my escort and it rips, Dis beams in most of my carriers except 1 rainbow I run for fun which uses Dis+PT+Pha, in carriers the Dis is specially good since fighters can take advantage of the proc, also Dis for squads help the rest of the team to up their DPS. That has worked for me really well in STFs, but I recon for PvP and other PvE missions other setups can be as good or even better. I need to test Tranphasics again since their proc has been buffed; I'm also testing Quantums in my escorts mostly cause Photon looks bland by comparison (looks not dmg). I have used the big Tricobalt torpedo but really i think thats better in PvP or at least not against Cubes/Gates/Donatra since they are so slooooow to recharge.

btw since I run STFs mostly i setup dual beams fore and beam arrays aft in my carriers, which leaves a 10 degree hole sideways but against big enemies I just need to keep the ship in diagonal to get all weps hitting the target, which is not hard even at 100% speed without turn rate buff consoles (i have points in impulse skill)

Now for the weps I dont use: Plasma, really the lowest useful proc imo, they need to get buffed, to really be a comparable energytype, no wonder its the cheapest in exchange!; Polaron, I really do prefer the idea of Phasers taking off 100% of a random system instead of the 25% for all 4 systems, although in KDF carriers might come handy when I use Power Syphon Drones (which with a good skilltree can just shut off a TAC cube for a long time).

Weps I want to try: Transphasic Mine Torpedo, a KDF torpedo I don't recall the name and the Javelins
I use Antiproton cannons and beams for my boat, as well as Quantum torpedoes. I should try using turrets for my aft weapons.
Disruptors in carriers is very sound advice.

And for PvP, the phaser proc is very strong, but I find it (and subsystem targeting) weak in STFs.


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