Getting Epic upon upgrading an item
from what i read, am i correct in that the higher the R&D Skill lvl the easier it will get to get them pop epic, or is that just an old ferengi's tale? I am just not sure as to how a lot of players have luck with getting epic on items and i seem to have to get a lot of superior tech upgrades and Dil to keep getting UR. Is the trick that once hitting MK XIV to use the Experimental Tech upgrades only?

The higher your R&D skill, the higher are your is your critical chance in crafting. This means you have a higher chance to craft those fancy level 15 items (TR116B etc) at ultra-rare rarity instead of very rare.

Upgrading is a different story. While you upgrade, the rarity chance of your item increases. However, this rarity chance is always reset once you reach a new Mk level. Therefore most upgrades to epic happen at Mk XIV as there is no higher Mk level to cause a reset.

It is totally random, when the upgrade to epic eventually occurs. I was lucky once and got epic at a rarity chance of 3%, but one time I had to go as far as to 46%. It's a total gamble.

Personally, I would wait for upgrade weekends, when the upgrades give twice the tech points and would then use Superior Experimental upgrades. They have a higher dilithium cost, but give more research points which increases your upgrade chances.
I did a lot of crafting the last weeks and agree to all of TacPaddys info's.

In my opinion (but I never calculated it in detail) it was a LOT cheaper to craft/buy MKII items of the needed weapon/Shield/deflector/etc and upgrade it with superior experimental tech upgrades. All the items which have not become epic on the (cheap) way from MK II to MK XI went into the exchange to sell. It gets more and more expensive (reg. dilithium) after MK XI and thats not balanced between EC and Dil.
Dil is a lot more worth for me so I made a good business with selling very rare or ultra rare and on the other hand only upgraded epic items the (expensive) way from MK II to MK XIV (with extra tech boost, so less dil)


1) I crafted (many) antiproton beam arrays MKII
2) I sell all which are not [CrtD]x3 on the exchange
3) only the [CrtD)x3 ones I upgrad with experimental tech upgrade and major research boost (double boost on research with exp and the extra boost = 20% chance) - you need only 1 of both for all the way from MK II to MK XI
4) only those items who made it on this way to epic I keep and upgrade with beam upgrade and tech boost (cheaper than research, which is not needed anymore here) - in best case all made it to CrtDx4 plus Pen or Dmg
5) I sell all the others who didnt mak it to epic on the exchange

If you sell all the very and ultra rare items who didn't make it to the preferred bonus on the exchange in a smart way, they give you back a lot of the invested costs (in case you invested something and didn't raft everything on your own). This way is a loooong way to go but if you have to be careful with your DIL expenses it's the best way.

Again, maybe I do something wrong and there are better ways. But in the end this (for me) was the best way top get epic items with good bonus for a small DIL amount.

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