Upcoming 6th Anniversary ship and Givaways
(01-15-2016, 04:33 AM)Chris Wrote: Greetings all,

As we close on the 6th Anniversary of STO, and the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, I'm curious what the ship might be this year.

Also, they normally have a week of give-aways.

(Last year it was a free give-a-way Monday 1/26 at 10am PST till Thursday 1/29 at 10am PST.)

It's certainly possible that they might give away the Tier 6 Oddy Star Cruiser / Bortasq, and then sell upgraded 'flavored' versions in the C-Store later. (That seemed to work pretty well when they did it before. And the Flagships would be pretty nice for a 50th anniversary.)

They could possibly give out the T6 Ambassador/Kamarang.

(But certainly the T6 Ambassador/Kamarang and Oddy / Bortas have been given out in past years (but not the Tier 6 versions.....)

If they went with something new, perhaps some temporal ship to go with the storyline?

Or a Tier 6 Sovereign / Regent class would certainly be welcome. ; )

Yes, Yes, Yes to all of this! I certainly wonder what it will be about. Perhaps something to do with the "Suspicions" story that came out recently!?

Only "Time" will tell Wink

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Let's take bets!

Faction-specific flagship?
Faction-specific non-flagship?
Non-factional flagship?
Non-faction non-flagship?

If I had to pick one (and only one) of those options, I'd be hard-pressed to make a decision.
1,2, and 5 are all but confirmed via leaks already.

Those of you who bet on time ship win!


This year's Anniversary Giveaways will start Tuesday, 1/26 at 18:00 UTC and end on Monday, 2/1 at 18:00 UTC.

(01-21-2016, 05:18 PM)namikaze Wrote: Those of you who bet on time ship win!

Krenim Science Vessel? Seems my Voth Palisade is in danger of getting retired. Wink
Today's giveaway : Two Specialization Points.
Haha Wink

I think I want to have it. I already have the krenim imperium warship, so its logical to have this one, too Wink
But I'm really looking forward to the tholian tarantula of the lockbox!
Which leads me to my next problem:

I do not have enough chars for all the ships I would like to play....
lvl 60:
Main char - Tac Fed - Krenim Imperium Warship - great fun, but will try the new Krenim ship on this char
Rom Tac - my char for mainly ground squad, has the new Breen which is way overpowered, but fun
Fed Sci - my carrier char, love to play it with the tholian carrier and these amazing elite pets
Fed Eng - switching a bit with this one, Odyssey Science and the T6 Arbiter, but prefer the Oddy
lvl 51
Klingon tac - he's on the breen at the moment but will switch to one of the klingon ships at 60

So where is place for a character with the tholian tarantula? Nowhere... :-(
I can create one more char, but it's getting too much to handle. That definitely will be a luxury problem - yes I know that Wink

Which priorities do you have? How do you handle that? Saving load outs and switching the ships very often on one character?
Anybody know what up with the literally hundreds of Tholians ship people were acquiring today? On login, chat was down for me so I could not find out that way.

the small lockbox ship is incorrectly in the database as a T6 ship (which isn't a T6 ship). So everytime somebody receives one it's a flyby message. see other thread how to turn them off

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