STOA Militia Details

James and I have discussed more details about the secondary fleet (STO Academy Militia) and would like to share it with all of you. First let me start by saying I hear, understand, and share your concerns. I will still be in complete control of the STO Academy (this includes the main fleet and the militia) and make sure that neither fleet is forgotten.

In order to make sure both fleets work together we will keep using the STO Academy channel. This will allow both fleets to communicate just like we can communicate with our KDF fleet. We will also have a calendar on the fleet website (which I am currently desining) for events that both fleets will share. James and I will work on making sure that the event calendar in-game is also updated so both fleets share events.

The STO Academy will still have Flag Officers who will create events, train new players, etc. It will be like nothing has changed. Two fleets also means more members. More members means more people that we can do missions with. It also means more people contributing to the starbase.

The STO Academy will be what it has always been, a training fleet. A place for new players to learn the ropes of the game. The Militia will be a place they can go after they have "graduated". Anyone from the fleet can request a transfer to the Militia and if they meet the requirements (information below) then they can transfer over.

James and I are making sure that nothing bad happens to the STO Academy. I have built the website and this fleet from the ground up. It is like my child and I will only do what is best for it.


Players from STO Academy can request transfer to the STO Academy Militia. If they meet the requirements they can transfer over. Players who transfer over and are at the Crewman rank will be promoted to Lieutenant in the Militia. Players who are Corporals and transfer over will be promoted to the Commander rank in the Militia. So it is not only a transfer, it is a promotion too.

STOA Militia Requirements
1) Vice Admiral rank.
2) Very Rare XI equipment (borg or non-borg)
3) Understanding of the STFs
4) Minimum Crewman rank in the STO Academy

STOA MILITIA RANKS (Highest to lowest)

Fleet Admiral - Leader of the fleet (Attilio)
Admiral - Second in command (James)
Captain - Event creators
Commander - Corporals from the STO Academy. Lieutenants who are active.
Lieutenant - Crewmen from the STO Academy. Ensigns who are active.
Ensign - Commisioned officers who are promoted after 2 weeks.
Commisioned - Members from outside the STO Academy family who are new to the fleet. They hold this rank for 2 weeks.

I just want to add on that no one will be forced into the new fleet. It is completely voluntary which is why you have to apply for it.

Also, the STO Academy will stay around. Its job won't change. We'll be training new players all the time, and hopefully training them to join the Militia.

Can you be in two fleets at one time?
Only if you have two characters. One character cannot be in two fleets.

Structure sounds good to me, I like the progression and the clear definition of the respective functions, the entry requirements are not too onerous but should ensure a reasonable performance under fire. Will both fleets share the same 'Star Base' if not will existing 'Fleet Credits' transfer with the member or do you start again?
Unfortunately each fleet has its own starbase. Since we will be creating a new fleet from scratch it will have its own Starbase.

According to Cryptic, Fleet Credits and Marks stay with a player even if they leave a fleet and join another one.

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