First succesful run through ALL Adventure / Battle Zones
Well, I can't help it. I am proud of the fleet.

Today, I wanted to do some runs to a very few Adventure Zones. After a little while we got a team together:
  • @aaaict
  • @Nachman
  • @da1lo1
  • @wewarren68
  • @TacPaddy_stoa
We started at Nimbus III. Luckily all had time so we continue in the Defera Invasion Zone. After that we went to New Romulus. The trip then went on to Nukara Prime. After finishing Nukara Prime, all Team Members qualified for the Expedition Specialist Commendation. But we didn't stop there. Now we went on to complete all Zones in order to finish the Zones for the Chief of Operation's challenge.

So we went to the Voth Ground Battle Zone and to Kobali Prime. Then I checked on my Ship and we got to the Undine Battle Zone. After that, we needed a little break. Because we needed two new Team members. After a little while, @coolkirk1701 and @kenthend were kind enough to help us out in the final Battle Zone, the Badlands.
In the end, we have now three Fleet members (@Nachman, @wewarren68 and me) who have completed all Zones.

All this took place in 1 hour and 36 minutes of play time. And they have now complete roughlyone quarter of the Challenge, which lasts until June 30th.

So, you see, Adventure / Battle Zones are fun and should be conducted with full Fleet teams. Yes, it is annoying that those Teams can't be cross-factional, BUT it is fun nevertheless. So, get to it!

Live Long and Prosper
I would  just like to thank TP for organising this. 

I am also going to update the requirements for the STOA Elite Ground Squad, stipulating that anyone who has attained the Fleet Ground Warfare Commendation or the aforementioned Fleet Expedition Commendation will now be accepted for the aptitude section of the EGS tryout. (in addition to the DPG G200+ or higher difficulty stf)
(01-09-2016, 09:05 PM)aaaict Wrote: I would  just like to thank TP for organising this. 
Thanks for joining. Wink

I'm glad that I can help you guys and the fleet. Big Grin

Despite of difficulties of different time zone and limitation playing time on Monday - Friday.

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