Campaign Questions
Since I hit level 70, I've been eligible for the campaigns now. However, Icewind Dale and Well of Dragons are unbelievably difficult when not running around in a big group of people. Is this intended? Is there some other way to progress these campaigns that I'm not aware of?

When I stopped playing, Sharandar had just come out. I remember poking around in the campaign for a bit and it was nowhere near this difficult. So I'm just trying to figure out how to progress basically. My Item Level is just shy of 1600, so I can't do any of the Epic Dungeons. But I can't seem to progress my Item Level either. I feel kind of stuck right now. Any suggestions?
Awesome! Thanks for the info. I managed to get my item level over 1600 with enchantments, which allowed me to start accessing some of the queues that give Elemental Seals. Those don't provide an actual set, but they're still better than what I have. And without a cooldown timer on these dungeons and such, they can be run back-to-back. Each run will give about 40-80 elemental seals.

So I'm starting to make some progress on my item level. Smile Still, I really want that Drowcraft set. It's awesome.

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