Fleet Elite ground gear upgrade to Epic
Since this is Upgrade Weekend on STO, I thought I would look at upgrading my Fleet Elite Ground gear to Epic.

When I drag the Fleet Elite Shields or Armor into the Upgrade slot, it shows Mk XIV Ultra Rare as the current level on the left.  It also shows Mk XIV Epic as the next level on the right.

But when I hover over the stats for Mk XIV Ultra Rare and compare them to the hover over stats of the Mk XIV Epic stats, they are identical!  Usually some stats have increased or been added on the leveled up version.

Is there no benefit from leveling up Fleet Elite ground gear from Ultra Rare to Epic?
There should be. might just be a bug. After all i think it doesn't show the modifier after upgrading and doesn't give a reading of the dmg it does
Yes this is a confirmed visual bug, here is the link on reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/sto/comments/3z...n_tooltip/

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