Arbiter (& Krenim Warship) deeps starter kit
Don't laugh... I also plan on posting a Yamato n Lobster build eventually, but let's just roll with this for now.
Let me know if it is true that energy type is not all THAT big a deal in dps differences; there are so many opines out there I'll just ask the pro's here.

That planner is an impressive work, took me a solid hour to go through and fill all that out.

Thanks for not laughing too hard.
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Right off the bat, I see a few things.
1. Cannons; Dump em. either go with Dual Heavy's or Beam Arrays. I would prob go with Beam Arrays
2. If you go beam arrays in front do the same in the back
3. Lt Tac Slot BFAWII, Lt Cmd Slot BFAWIII
4. Try and fit in an emergency power to weapons II or 3
5. scramble sensors replace with a polarize hull to negate the affects of any tractor beams on ya

If your ship turns pretty well and you go with dual beam banks instead of beam arrays

I am sure you will get better feedback from other battlecruiser captains that's just what I see off habd
O.k., I see why you asked about turn rate... might just get some cheapo dbb's on exchange and see if it's nimble enough to sit-n-spin while chasing nimbler targets. Generally I kind of nose in and don't wiggle much unless I'm getting the snot kicked out of me - like the Tholian RA... ain't no sitting still with those dang things.
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Hey Dude, happy new year, and nice job on getting your first draft for a DPS ship, sorry this is going to be a long read, but hope it helps! 

First target is 10k DPS (to get into the DPS 10K Channel) , so i would go here for the real "experts" (not that were too too bad Wink who test the latest updates to the game. You will need to parse 10K Dps or more in an ISA run using the STO Combat meter parser at the official DPS Channel website     ( if you also see a "DPS Bronze" channel of a certain DPS "league"  and get confused, don't worry, it's a long story,  the numbered ones are the official and original ones. Sad

This youtube series is also helpful for DPS beginners, including myself.  and here is my avenger build to help you


At this stage, you need to get weapons with as many crtd modifiers as you can. The best in the game atm, are crtdx3 pens (i.e. the PEN modifier) which are exceedingly hard and expensive to get. So at this stage, find as many crtdx3 DBBs as you can. even crtdx2 will be enough to get you into 10k DPS. 

Iu would suggest switching from polaron to antiproton (though polaron is not bad) . Actually weapons type does somewhat matter, with antiproton being the best for DPS as it gives extra critical severity although it is not essential. In essence it will make is easier. 

I use the avenger, the T5 version of the arbiter, and so I started out with a cannon build at first, because I thought i had a pretty high turn rate( I got mine up to 25), however this was at the cost of console slots, and so I got some DPS orientated consoles and sacrificed turn rate. I am in the process of converting from fleet DHCs to epic Dmgx3 pen and crtdx3 pen DBBs antiproton. 


Now with the build itself, it will do fine as a stop gap, and is a good starter endgame build. The aegis set is very good at a starter level, but you should look into getting the Iconian reputation space set for shields, deflector, warp core and engine. This boost damage not just for yourself, but the whole team. 


As for engineering consoles, you should get an EPS relay as a stop gap to help with power levels, (high weapons power level, higher DPS) and get 1 or 2 neutronium armor consoles from the fleet dil mines. These will increase all damage resistances, and are very useful. For science consoles, you should get the embassy plasma explosion consoles which add quite a lot of DPS. For your tac consoles, all of them should look to be vulnerability LOCATORS (don't be stupid like me and buy the exploiters) with the +AP modifier. 

Now with the rest of your engineering consoles, you need to get consoles with add your starship's  critical chance, which will dramatically increase your DPS. The zero-point energy conduit from the roman tier II reputation is good, the dyson ordnance set console and torpedo is a good stop gap. The assimilate module from the borg rep is essential, one of the best in the game for DPS. Finally There is also the plasmonic leech console, the most coveted in the game, and SUPER expensive, last i heard it was 170 million EC on the exchange. 


Change your universal science to tactical if you want max DPS. This will give you far more tactical abilities, which will be very useful.
 For your inteligence powers, you should get Overide subsystem safties I and II, (as having both will reducing cooldown) which boost DPS by a very nice amount.
 As this takes a subsystem offline, you need to have an engineering team III on there to repair the disabled subsytem, as well as give you a nice hull heal. You should also have emergency power to weapons I and II, boosting your weapons power. Finally for your commander eng slot, get Directed Energy Modulation III, which help to bypass a targets shields, boosting DPS. 
Finally, for science powers, I would swap science team I for Sci team II, and get either polarize hull for dmg resistance and tractor beam immunity, or hazard emitters for a nice cleans and small hull heal over time. 


If DPS is what you're after, then you will need to get a respec, as there are a couple things which will need changing. Starship energy weapons specialisation should be at max due to the critical dmg increase. Driver coil is also nice at restoring power levels after full impulse, and I have it at max. You won't need particle emitters at all for this ship. otherwise it's good. 

DOffs- I'm not that well informed here I'm afraid, so best to ask the other people here or seek help on reddit. 

I know this is very long, sorry, got a lot to say so that you DONT make the Mistakes that I made when doing this. It takes some time to get all this, I started in may and only about half way complete ( I just got my first dmgx3 pen epic today!!) 3 more to go though...)  I wish you luck, and I hope the avenger/arbiter is going to be as much of a joy to fly for you as it is for me. It's a good ship. Some of the stuff here may be wrong or outdated, so please double check it before going on a massive spending spree  Smile 

Good hunting,

Very nice, thanks. I like information, so it's not too much for my liking. I like the BC's a lot - weird, but almost seems like my KDF is 'tougher' than my FED.

It's too bad you can't get a leech console from an allied ship on fed side like you can with KDF's - guess my klingon has a leg up at the moment.
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Yeah, Romulan KDFs have the highest DPS in game, because they get all their boffs with the superior rom operative trait, and the ease of getting the plasmonic leech console. The t6 mogh is going to be better than the avenger, because it comes with a cloak, while the avenger doesn't
In addition to everything that has been said above, I recommend the following:
  • buy an extra Active Duty Roster (Space) slot at the Fleet Embassy to add a sixth DOFF to your build
  • buy the extra Space Reputation Slot from the Fleet Research Lab to make use of a fifth Space Reputation trait
  • buy the extra Starship Trait slot to utilize a fifth Starship trait.
Speaking from personal experience, this can make a difference. However, if memory serves, you need close to half a million Fleet credits and some 100,000 Dilithium to purchase them. So, that is rather a long-term goal.
Updated as able so far - stole from ALL my other toons to get this far LOL. Yea, Upgrade weekend; I got VERY busy.
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