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Greetings all,

   As we are closing in on our refinement bonus time (Starting mid day on the 29th), I'm looking at my companions, and their Runestones.


   Each class is a bit different, but I like having a strong Striker, Leader, and Defender so I can test things out.

   Raifin has one purple companion, a leader with great healing, and since Rogues have good DPS, I normally like having the leader heal me.  The Runestones I have for the Healer/Leader are Eldrich Runsetones, which on Defense gives a % of the pets ratings to my hero.  (Always nice to have a stat boost.)
   On my striker, I like to use Profane Runestones to add to the companion's critical strike.  (But perhaps I should be focusing on their armor penetration first?  I know Eldrich Runsetones give companions armor Pen.)

What do you all like to use for companions and their Runstones?


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I generally use my Fawn of Shiallia (sp?) for healing, and an Ioun Stone of Allure for groups or when I feel like I can clear things without too much risk. This is on my ranger, mind.

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