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Just a addition to the above post:

Like STO there is now only 1 live shard so if your new to NW and cant find 'dragon' don't worry its not there anymore. Just choose neverwinter.

If you don't have a toon but thought you would like to check it out, don't be shy we do have experienced people that can help you
Not sure why, but there are 3 shards right now

Neverwinter- equal to STO Holodeck
Neverwinter Preview - equal to STO Tribble
Owlbear- equal to STO Redshirt
So is there still a Neverwinter guild? I tried looking for it and it did not come up

So I've just started playing Neverwinter and I'm trying to learn the game. It's so different from STO (mostly the controls) but I'm giving it a shot. My toon's name is [email protected] so an invite to the guild would be great. Thanks.
I did start up a new character, I haven't done much with her.  I deleted a previous one and started again. She is Eliza Silverkin, I used the random name generator.  Though with the setting I should have gone with a game of thrones theme.
HEY, nice to see a little bit o life in the NW guild, LOL. I have six [or is it seven?] toons that I keep bouncing around playing on - it is quite fun once you get the controls down and a very nice diversion from STO. Eventually I will NEED real gear and have to run some ops...
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(03-28-2017, 02:50 AM)Chris Wrote: I need the full name, like Eliza [email protected]   : )


I am going to guess she will be Eliza [email protected]#7549. Since I can see the stoacademy chat when i am in neverwinter. I am going to go with the @is the same for neverwinter. At least I hope it is.
Greetings all,

  There has been some good Neverwinter activity of late, as the next expansion will raise the level cap, make some substantial 'improvements' to class balance, and will deal with Undermountain!

  Also of note, much like Star Trek Online, Neverwinter has an alliance system where different guilds can link up.   I have been talking to a few guilds, as even though we have ~90 characters in our Neverwinter guild, they are not all playing at similar times.
   Hopefully I can get us in an active Alliance to increase our Neverwinter player base.

  Also of note, I created a site at Shivtr where we can enter characters, etc, to better plan and group.

Please feel free to check it out-


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i just started playing neverwinter, i started a new character and i am trying to figure out how not to die hahaha. I will appreciate some hints or advise. my game name is [email protected]
(03-31-2019, 08:55 AM)sfcmradj Wrote: i just started playing Neverwinter, i started a new character and i am trying to figure out how not to die hahaha. I will appreciate some hints or advise. my game name is [email protected]

Happy to be of service.

What class are you playing?

In general:
With the changes coming to the game in Module 16 (late April to PC?) I would save any Astral Diamonds you get.

While leveling you change your gear pretty rapidly, so I wouldn't focus too much on it until level 70 and would resist the urge to get better gear from the auction house.
Just make sure to remove your enchantments from any old pieces before discarding them, as you will want to put them in other gear or grind them up for refining.

When you get a companion (at level 12?), work to get Bonding runestones for them. I'm not sure what I would recommend, as I'm not sure what you are playing.

Feel free to join our guild-
Let me know if you have other questions either in Neverwinter, or in STO chat, and I'll see you online.

Enter your Neverwinter characters here:

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