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Man I really need to get online!
Woot! The Stronghold system seems like a lot of fun. Apparently the PvP is very lag-heavy, so not a lot of people do Stronghold PvP. Still, my main enjoyment comes from all the PvE content so this works fine for me. I've gotten Caelath, my ranger, to level 62 and I'm enjoying the new content quite a bit. Looking forward to doing this more often with y'all. Smile
Another reason not a lot of people do the guild pvp is that the top pvp'ers have already gotten their gear from the stronghold system and now just do domination for leaderboard
I got 5 Building Supplies from a quest I did earlier. Does anyone know what to do with them?
iirc those are used for building your 1st structures. i.e lumbermill, farm etc. will double check when I get on today
Is there a way that I can help with construction of the farm? I went over there, killed a bunch of orcs, and nothing seemed available to me to do anything with the property.
you help constructing the farm by donating items to the coffer. If you go to the mimic in the SH, everything that has a yellow star in front of it is what's required for construction.
AHH! Okay, thanks. I didn't notice the stars before - I'll check again tonight. Smile

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