Free peregrine attack fighter AGAIN!
Free peregrine attack fighter

8700 Keys left as of this post:

Once code is claimed will be in your promotional tab in c store
They still have some keys left. They're also giving away keys for the IDIC Tribble :

Depending on which profession your character has, when activated, the IDIC Tribble provides the following buffs to you and your team mates:
  • Tactical: 2.5% Damage Increase
  • Engineer: 2.5% Damage Resistance
  • Science: +0.02 Health Regen
In addition to the above buffs, if you have all 3 of the profession-specific ones active on you at the same time, your character will also gain the Full Synergy buff and receive:
  • 2.5% Additional Damage Increase
  • 2.5% Additional Damage Resistance
  • +0.02 Additional Health Regen

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