Privacy settings for optimal Fleet enjoyment
Hi everyone,

in the past we have witnessed multiple occassions in which people missed out due to unfortunate privacy settings. Therefore I want to give you a little heads-up on which settings should be turned "off" to get the most out of our fleets.

The most misunderstandings are caused by the fact, that the term "fleet" in the privacy settings is misinterpreted as our whole community of fleets. "Fleet" in the settings means the division of STOA that your character is currently in. So if you are in the Militia and allow only Friends and Fleet to do whatever, then everyone in the remaining seven divisions can't get to you. Or even worse, the Fleet leadership can't reach you, which in turn may cause even more misunderstandings. So let's change that.

First open your social window. By default you hit the O key or press on the little icon below the Mail envelope next to the Minimap. In the window that opens next, you have a button in the lower right that says "Privacy". Click on it. You should then get a window like this one:
Now in order to benefit fully from all STO Academy fleet members, you should turn off all items that begin with "Allow only friends and fleet to ...". Only then, you can
  • fully chat with all Fleet members
  • fully team up with Fleet members of the same allegiance
  • fully be reached via PM by Fleet members and especially the Fleet leadership
  • fully be invited to PvE / PvP queue runs with the Fleet.

Thank you.
Yes please. I second this.

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