Starbase Contribution Suggestion
Let me start off by saying I know it will take a vaaaast amount or resources to level up the starbase and I wasn't on tribble so I don't know how the later projects look so i don't even know if this will be an issue down the road or not but early on it seems like it might.

The current contribution system seems like it will unfailry benifit the players with vast amounts of resources and time while making it harder for other players to build up their fleet credits. I can list serveral examples why i think this might be true (from what i've seen so far) so I'll just get straight to my suggestion.

To help people with not a lot of consumables or doffs make their fair share of fleet credits, how about making it like the top 10 or so (can vary as fleet size and fleet credit gap varies) on the fleet leaderboard can't contribute expertises or dilithium for a short time after a new project becomes available like 30-60min. This way they can still contribute the rare consumables, doffs and fleet marks which will always take awhile to fill up but gives those with not that much the chance to at least contribute something they should already have stocked up in some form. A limited weight period doesn't stop anyone from heping or really slow down the base contruction.

The reason why i think this might be needed, again I don't know what later projects look like, but i have tons of dil and expertises and when each of the first 3 major projects finsihed i tried to contribute but within 3 seconds the dil and exp were already filled. Same goes for the special projects throught the day when i would try to contribute shield generators or provitions. Those with a lot of time to play or that have a lot of resorces most likely already have powerful items and when new stuff becomes available it probably won't take them long to get it. They players that would benifit from something like this waiting period would be those maybe who don't have that much time or resources and the fleet credits could help them more than someone who already has a lot.
That's a possibility. Of course we would hope and assume that top contributors would follow this "rule". There really is no way to enforce it. I'll keep it in mind as we move forward.

Yes, sir that is right but look how far we have come already. This is the best fleet and they are generous to a fault. Just a personal note. I LOVE this fleet. I would like to make a suggestion though.

Please consider the Role Players Squad again. I would love to get more our of the game by delving into a D & D style role playing. Like making believe that we are on a set and we play out a role with our ships and toons.
Formal request to be transferred to the Militia sir.
The following toons will apply.

[email protected] (Corporal)
Momma [email protected] (Corporal)
[email protected] (crewman)

I would like to have [email protected] to remain in the Academy at this time.
We are not accepting applications to the Militia yet. This wouldn't even be the place to do it.

Regarding the Starbase on Tribble, it never got as far as the Holodeck Starbase already has. The reason was simple, only a small number of people went on Tribble and very few of those actually contributed significantly to building the Starbase. I think the reason was that the Tribble Starbase was seen as not being important because the fleet's actual Starbase would be the one on holodeck.

I felt it would be advantageous to build as much of the Tribble Starbase as possible in order to get an idea of what we would need to do once the Holodeck Starbase became available. Unfortunately, even though I worked on it pretty much full time until this last week, I wasn't able to get the base to the point of upgrasding.

For those who feel that those of us with the resources to actually build the Starbase should hold off to let the people who don't have the resources "catch up", all we will be accomplishing is to prolong the time it takes to build the Starbase. In order to work through the ten projects each for five levels of Starbase construction, it will take AT LEAST 1000 hours (that's over forty days). Because people have to sleep some time, there are about eight hours a day that new projects are unable to be loaded, so add another two weeks to the MINIMUM time to build the Starbase if we work as fast as we can. If we have to constantly look over our shoulders to see if somebody has some dilithium they want spend ahead of us, or someone else has some commodities they want to contribute, or someone else wants us to wait for them to recruit colonists or chefs or diplomats, the project will take many months to complete.

Once the Starbase is built, it will benefit everyone in the fleet. Until it's built, no one gets any benefit from it. So, the choice is simple. We can slow down to benefit the people who want to get some cheap fleet credits and buy up all the limited stock of items in the Starbase inventory to benefit themselves, or we can work as fast as we can to benefit the whole fleet. Personally, I prefer the latter option.
True. I totally agree. And we will be one of the firsts to complete our starbase. The other fleets can eat it.

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