Jupiter Build
Alright, so based on feedback that I've gotten in my other thread, I've come up with the following build:


There are some important things to remember here. I'm planning on using the Terran Task Force space set. The warp core upgrades to include the AMP modifier, which would be hella awesome. Additionally, I couldn't find the Scramble Fighters starship trait or the Coalition Starship Tactics space trait. Those are included in the build.

I know I need to upgrade things to Epic, and Mk XIV and all that, but with this build the way it is currently configured, I can still put out awesome damage and I am tough as all hell. I'm curious about if another RCS module would be better than the Neutronium Alloy module. I've never once needed to use a battery, so I can't figure out what devices would be ideal to use. I've got the Temporal Negotiator and the Delta Quadrant Distress Call currently slotted. I'm thinking of popping in a Weapons Battery, maybe?

I'm not fond of mixing and matching from different sets, where it can be helped. But the Terran Task Force set seems to also give me a ton of awesome bonuses that fit the build style.

Anyway, I don't have a parse (I don't use a parser) so I can't compared DPS or whatnot. But I feel pretty good about it. If anyone has any suggestions for how to make the build better, I'm open to suggestions.

Thanks for your help, everyone! I really like my Jupiter, it's definitely my play style. Smile

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