Build suggestions
To start off this is my current build.
Please ignore the console as I have not updated the last two yet. When I started this adventure I was pushing maybe 6-8k dps and this build has got me up to 33-39k now. I am on the fence on what ships I should upgrade too, I have 5 DBB of the Plasmatic DBB all MK14 but I need a good 5/2 or 5/3 ship for it. And before dropping 200m ec on one I would like feedback on which ships would be better suited. I have been watching Manasa Escort and the Vaadwaur Battlecruiser as they both seem good with beams and power levels. But any suggestions would be good.

PS. While I am looking for better I am not out to set records so I have no need of 75k+ DPS builds.

Thanks fo the help.

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