Build Suggestions?
I just picked up a Jupiter and the Elite Calisto Light Escorts. I am trying to figure out how to build around this ship, as I want it to be my primary ship. I love the carrier style, and the ability to focus on supporting my allies while crippling my foes.

As a result, I'm leaning toward the Terran Task Force space sets - they seem to make the "crippling my foes" thing very effective.

But I've never made a build that focuses on buffs and debuffs before. Any suggestions on how to handle this?

So far I've been taking suggestions from Tholian Recluse builds that I've found online that focus on Flow Capacitors and beams. I'm okay with that, but honestly I'd prefer to use torpedoes. I know they're not as optimal, but with the bonuses from the Terran Task Force, and the fact that I can put more energy into Auxiliary, it seems like a good way to build a support carrier.
Torpedoes on a big fat Carrier? Isn't that a bit risky, considering the Jupiter's base turn rate is only 6? Besides are you skilled for Torpedoes?
I have a ton of respecs still that I'm happy to use. I'd like to use torpedoes effectively, but it's not critical to me. Still, without a Plasmonic Leech I'm worried that I'd have to divert a lot of power to Weapons if I wanted to use beams effectively. If I can use beams effectively without a Plasmonic Leech and without having to pump too much power to Weapons, I'd be very open to the idea.
yeah not sure that torps would be the best thing for this... but having said that you should check out Odenknight's youtube channel and the 10k DPS channels, who are experts in torp boats. They would be able to give you the best opinion on this.
If you want to do a torp-focused sci ship with carrier pets, go for the Vesta as it is maneuverable and extremely well-suited to this role. The Jupiter is waaaaaay too large and bulky to make an effective torp platform.

So I was perusing the STOBuilds Subreddit, and I found this:

I used his build as a general template, trying to pick up some of the things that he's got going on. It seems to have improved my DPS (I don't run a DPS meter, so I don't have precise numbers), but I'm having to be a lot more careful about my survivability.

Right now I'm running around with Thoron-Infused Polaron beams on the front and three omni-directional beams on the back (KCB is one of them). My Elite Calistos are tough as hell, and seem to need fairly little babysitting.

Sigh - my hopes of a pure torpedo boat might be lost. I'll likely make it a Loadout, but it will probably not be the main things I run with. I'll check out Oden Knight's YouTube channel though, and consult with the 10k DPS channels to see if there are any suggestions. Shield stripping would be the hardest part, along with turning. But I'm planning on getting turn-boosting consoles when possible.
Torp builds work better on nimble ships, end of story. If you want to do that with a carrier-esque ship get yourself an Alita-class and go nuts. I can say from experience it is a ton of fun.

Yeah, I think I'll reserve my torpedo frenzy for something like a Pilot Escort.

I've decided to go with full Romulan plasma beams and a Kinetic Cutting Beam. Anyone have any experience with the Terran Task Force set? Not the weapon set, but the equipment. On paper, it looks like it should work well with the particle generator and shield drain BOff skills I've got planned.
A quick update:

I went ahead and upgraded to the Fleet variant. Additionally, I've put in a bunch of Romulan plasma weapons, and I've also added the Scramble Fighters trait. My Elite Calistos were tough before, but now they're just god-like. The ability to get the Disruptor and Plasma procs on my lasers help to contribute, without requiring a tremendous amount of my attention. So I'm able to instead focus on crippling foes with my particle generator abilities, in addition to stripping shields with Tachyon Beam (which I have placed in lieu of Destabilizing Resonance Beam I). And finally, I placed in Override Subsystem Safeties I into my rotation.

It's not a DPS monster, but I definitely have noticed that I'm tearing through things a lot better than before. The OSS ability actually synergizes REALLY well with Scramble Fighters, because the massive boost to Auxiliary power reduces the cooldown on the launch abilities.

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