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To verify this is "Assemble Heavy Phaser Turret from Prototype"?
I'm not sure about Satellite Turrets, but most of the other weapns rotate back again. Photon torpedoes cycled through a couple of times at Mk I and have now cycled through a couple of times at Mk III. I got caught with a surplus of Mk III torpedoes both times because somebody filled the slot while I was buying more torpedoes. The good news is that I was able to sell the excess torpedoes on the exchange for much more than I paid for them both times (9000 Ec the first time and 18000 EC the second time).

Some of the commodities, like Communication Arrays (or whatever they're called) came once as a requirement and I haven't seen them since. Same for Medical Supplies. Provisions, on the other hand, keep coming up, as do Shield Generators and, I think, Warp Coils.
Trying to contribute officers, especially security officers. I know that we can get them from the exchange at outlandish prices and from the personal officers, but that can be hit or miss with getting what you want, it just seems that the Militia Starbase will take forever to complete at the rate we are going. I am doing what I can to help with the construction.
Every time I'm come on all of the contrution things except the doffs r filled I've got 450 marks just sitting and I want to use them up.

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Same here. my timing is off. lol
Regarding the Fleet Mark issue, I'm a bit puzzled that no one mentioned the Commendation Reports. If you have 110k Commendation XP in a specific Field, you can file a Commendation Report in the Ops Room of the Fleet Starbase. After 8 hours, you get at least 75 Fleet Marks.
Also an additional way to boost your Fleet Mark income is the use of Fleet Marks Boosters. They pool an extra 100 Fleet Marks and boost your regular Fleet Mark income by 20% (or at least 1 Fleet Mark) until they are depleted. Those Boosters cost about 15k Fleet Credits, if I recall correctly, and are available in the Requisition room.

As for Commodities, I am frequently opening my Tuffli to the Fleets, so you can buy them really cheap. If I am not available, there might be other Tufflis available on the "Public Service" channel and if they are not, then the Trader near the Kei System (right next to Sol) is your choice. Check out the prices here.

Are there any tips as to how to recruit more DOFs quickly for donation to projects? I want to contribute but I barely have enough DOFs for my own use.


Hit up the academy and complete recruitment assigments!

SeedyGeorge Wrote:Hit up the academy and complete recruitment assigments!

Agree! Hugely overlooked I think.

You can also buy them. I burn through some ECs on the exchange for them - 500k ECs is very easy to come by and means that you get just the doffs you need for the projects.

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