Hello from a newb noob
Just joined on and been STO'g for a couple of months now.  I'm a SWToR cast-off who just kind of lost interest with the whole revamping of the game in October and parental responsibilities that kind of pulled me away as well.  I will be a bit more casual player now than my semi-hardcore days as an officer in my SWToR guild, but I do love me some playing.  Looking forward to learning the ropes and tossing cookies to projects as I can.

Don't laugh... I know I gotta work on that signature Picard Facepalm
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Thanks, that second link will probably yield a better looking sig than my quick-o job. I played through the first nine "chapters" of the new KotFE content - nice story. I'll probably only play through the story content now. Farming and grinding is more fun here - pew pew pew - than running around planet after planet scavenging mat nodes or trying to run nightmare mode ops for elite mat drop chances... ugh.

Yeah, anytime you see a comment by [email protected]#9768 that would be me.
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