First post...disappointed in my build..advice?
Hi all,

  Got this new ship and thought it would be very good dps, but i'm barely scraping 20k in an adv Counterpoint.  Any suggestions on how to improve it? Some quick points on my reasoning on build:

- I used MACO parts for set bonus to increase base power which I seem to be light on
- I used Iconian parts mainly for the hot restarts of shields and weaps
- The blank BOFF slots are kemo.  They don't show in my browser.
- I used experimental beam because it causes zero weapons power drain and set synergy with zero-point module.
- The blank space traits are the new Operative (space) and Beam Training (space)
- This is a combo build of A2B and OSS.

Thanks in advance
(11-27-2015, 05:58 PM)Tudo Wrote: - Since this was a fleet ship not listed, I have one more science console and using [Exotic Particle Field Exciter Mk XIV [EPS]]
The Fleet Phantom is listed as Fleet Intel Escort. I recommend filling in your Skills and Traits as well, so that we can give you more accurate advice. Wink
Updated link with correct ship type and skills. Thanks again.
Why would you be comboing A2B and OSS?


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