U.S.S. Alpha build

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Ok, I added skills and traits, but in the traits, there's 5 not on the site. They are:

Shield Technician
Shield Frequency Analyst
Beam Training
Projectile Training

Also, I forgot to add this, the build I'm going for is going to be for DPS on this ship.

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Your weapons are ok, although if you want to run a beam-based escort it is better to drop the torpedoes and focus on beams only. If you do insist on a torpedo I would only run one fore and not rear. To optimally deal damage in this ship you'll want to broadside then. 

For engineering Boff skills, you want to run at least one copy of Emergency Power to Weapons for the damage boost and weapons power boost. Drop Beam Overload for another copy of Beam Fire At Will, and drop your Torpedo Spread 3 for Attack Pattern Beta which will lower enemy defenses. Drop your Torp High Yield for a copy of Spread, as in PVE content Spread is almost always more damage and Spread also cannot miss. Science - this is one of the rare ships with an LtCdr slot for Science which means you can use Grav Well, definitely do that. Get rid of Tractor Beam for Hazard Emitters for a bit more survivability and debuff clearing. 

Ship consoles: Never put universal consoles in your Tactical slots, ever. They're your best source of damage boosts so don't waste the slots on it. Use Engineering slots for universal consoles. Upgrade your Tac consoles to Fleet Spire Vulnerability Locators for Phasers, you'll get a lot more damage and critical boosts out of it as well. For Science consoles, get the Embassy Plasma-Generating consoles, with whatever boost you need. 

You should respec your skills for better damage and point allocations, see this basic layout here for starters: http://www.stoacademy.com/tools/skillpla...build10k_0

Ok I changed as much as I could. The retrain is going to have to wait a short bit, and the fleet equipment... well, I don't have much of either fleet creds or dil, so that will wait, too.

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