Steam In-Home Streaming STO
Does anyone know if Steam's streaming works with games like STO and Neverwinter where Steam just launches the client?  Been looking at the Ubuntu Intel Sticks to use as a Steam box but I'm not sure about streaming these games.
I can't say with 100% certainty, but I can tell you that it will depend on how Steam is streaming. If Steam is just streaming video then the answer is probably "yes." If Steam is actually running a light version of its OS then the answer is probably "no."
The way in home streaming works is the game is running on the server PC, just like it would be if you were playing on that PC, and streams the video to the client PC.  Any game that launches in Steam will work, I'm just not sure about games that Steam launches a client instead of the game.
Well it sure sounds like it would work in theory! I just verified the Steam Overlay works in STO, so I'd think that it would probably work fine. Smile
It sounds like it should work.  I may have to see if I can find a friends computer I can use to test it on.

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