Avenger Tetryon Build
Hey Guys

this is my Avenger Tetryon build.
I would appriciate any advice - mostly in skill tree. I know I need respec my skills - put some in Graviton gens, PrtG and honestly I would also like to have some points in kinetic weapons - Terran torp is tempting me ....

I was trying to use all set bonuses which are boosting tetryon damage.  Also Refracting tetryon cascade is benefiting from this.
I do not have fancy space and starship traits - mostly playing the game as free to play so keep it low ....

Thank you

I'd recommend the 3 part Iconian set, deflector, engine and shield, for it's defence and DPS boosts and the full set from Butterfly for it's boost of Tetryon damage and second tetryon cascade.  How do you feel about Aux2Bat builds?  I'm running one on my KDF battlecruiser and got to 55k DPS without having everything upgraded, don't even have AMP on my core yet.  I'll take a look at your skills and see what I can come up with, not sure why you would need part and grav gen on a ship with only 2 science abilities.
I have 3 pcs Iconian set but this build is meant to be full tetryon boost. I am not running aux2bat I am using damage control engs with EPtW and it suits me well. Regarding partgen and grav gen I have in my shipyard hazari destroyer and I would like to have canon/torp build with grav well.

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You give up a lot of DPS to make room for a torp, part gen and grav gen.  I'd go with something like this.

Since you probably don't have Emergency Weapon Cycle, from the t6 battlecruiser, it would probably be a good idea to change EPtW2 to EPtS2, with 3 damage control engineers you should have near 100% uptime on both.  Also if you drop Omega and only run 2 Beta1s their CD will be synced with FAW without needing Zmok and you can run 2 TT1s and a FAW3.
Ok I will try to drop omega and eptw and switch it to faw3 and epts. Beta is better than omega? I also have 3 damage contr engs - check description at my build.
Regarding DPS. I quit dps race long ago playing just for fun so trying different builds and seeking wisdom in advices from my fellow captains.

Odoslané z Lenovo TAB 2 A8-50LC pomocou Tapatalku

Omega is better if you have Zmoc to sync it's CD with FAW, even with my Aux2Bat build I use Beta.  Plus having a FAW3 will more than make up for the lose of Omega.  I only mention DPS because if we had the trinity in STO, which there are some signs they are trying to do, DPS would be the job of tac captains.
I will try the changes and than I will have to find somebody with dps meter to rn isa with him ... Thank you

Odoslané z Lenovo TAB 2 A8-50LC pomocou Tapatalku


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