2015 Winter Event ship: Breen Rezreth Dreadnought
Greetings all,

   I just wanted to collect some rumors that I have seen, and read about the possible 2015 Winter ship this year.

Signs seem to be pointing to the Breen Rezreth Dreadnought.

  Not only is it the only Breen ship that hasn't been released, but apparently the

(1x) Breen Rezreth Dreadnought (T6)
Ultra Rare  Eng  62  31  33    Ignores +TAC from Events

has been showing up as a consumable ship in the Admiralty system.
  (Now, it's possible that the Admiralty ship might just be an consumable card you can buy with Winter Currencies, who knows.)

Certainly would be neat to have a Breen Dreadnaught, especially if it can equip the Breen frigates in it's hangar, like the Breen Sarr Theln Carrier can.

Here are a few pics of the Rezreth Dreadnought, (not pictures from STO):

It could be one of the larger ships in the game, and I hope we get the chance to command one-

And here we have a size comparison with some of the other larger ships in STO


PS:>   I also heard some sparse info about the Rezreth Dreadnought and it may have an integrated lance weapon.  
 Polaron Spinal Lance (Unknown if Console or Built in)

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Well I was wondering what will be our winter prize. This ship is really nice. We will see.

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Here is an image of the Breen Rezreth card, though it still has no image:

Looks like the full ship ship might be an Engineering ship-

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We have confirmation that we are getting the Rezreth as the winter event ship.

Wow, it looks a bit odd in the pictures-

Neat that the console can go on any Breen ship-


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Great would have been a sci oriented ship for some klingons.

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I've never played KDF before - are they lacking in science ships?
(12-02-2015, 07:48 PM)namikaze Wrote: I've never played KDF before - are they lacking in science ships?
They have more than Romulans, but not many.
Stats are up, and they have a few new images of the ship-


Interstingly, they are updating the Breen Hypercooled Technology set to be a 4 set-

Hypercooled Technology Set Bonuses

The following consoles are part of the Hypercooled Technology set:

Console – Universal – Breen Energy Dissipator
Found on the Breen Chell Grett Warship
Console – Universal – Sensor Disruption Field
Found on the Breen Plesh Brek Heavy Raider
Console – Universal – Resonant Dissipation Matrix
Found on the Breen Sarr Theln Carrier
Console – Universal – Power Discharge Capacitors
Found on the Breen Rezreth Dreadnought Cruiser

Equipping multiple Breen starship consoles will provide set bonuses:

2pc: Cryonic Reaction Assembly
+Starship Flow Capacitors
+Starship Counter Measure Systems
3pc: Super Cooled Weapon Arrays
–Weapon Power Cost
4pc: Enhanced Cryonic Relays
+Max Hit Points
Reduced Recharge Time on Breen Consoles

And the ship looks pretty cool from the back.   (I assume this is the back!)

From Below?!?!

From Top

I'll certainly be getting the ship, as over the years experience has made the race course is a breeze, and now we just need to run it once a day, and don't have to hammer it out on all alts-  (I remember several years running it 5 times a day.  Boy, did I learn that course!)


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Looking like a space crawfish... I like crawfish.
[Image: cFqcOOp.gif]
Someone must have lobi'ed out to get it early!  (Or tribble?)

Ship looks very nice, especially with the Borg set equiped!


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