KDF Threat Tank/Healer
Working on a new build for my engineer and this is what I've come up with so far.  I plan on moving it to a t6 ship eventually, probably the Fleet Negh'Tev or the War Command Battlecruiser, but I wanted to try the build before buying a ship for it.  Missing items are the core and omni beam from Butterfly and Reciprocity ship trait.
Hey, I can't really say that much because this is already a Very solid build. 

1) Powers, I may swap aux to Struc for Eng tea III, which removes mechanical debuffs and disables, and gives you a nice big hull heal,probably more than just the II power. Then I'd swap the eng team I for aux struc I 

2) Warp core wise, I have heard that the elite fleet warp cores are excellent, perhaps with a shield modifier, but Im not that well versed on that. 

3) could you post your doffs perhaps? 

Other than that, don't have too much to say. Nice build. 
Auxiliary to Structural 1 and Reverse Shield Polarity 1 are Lt abilities, if I take a higher level of Engineering Team I'd have to get rid of one of them.

I'm using the core from Butterfly for the Aux and EPS boosts, the 7.5% aux to shields and set bonus.  My DPS is actually higher with the Aux power trait from the Nukara rep and high aux power than from having high weapon power.

Still have to figure out what doffs I want to use, what I've posted is everything I have figured out so far.
Made a few changes.  Swapped Auxiliary to Structural 2 for EPtW3.  With 3 damage control engineers EPtS and EPtW have almost 100% uptime, boosting both my DPS and the effectiveness of Extend Shields, and with a warp core engineer and the EPS Manifold trait they almost always boost all of my power levels.  Between the boost from EPtW and EPtS being on almost all the time and upgrading my core to UR for AMP my DPS and threat gen have gone way up while only sacrificing one on of my heals.  Most likely going to go with the Fleet Negh'Tev when I upgrade to t6, the Lieutenant Commander Tactical and fifth Engineering Console seem like the best option for this build.

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