Is OK to mix sets?
When you max your reputation, each group gives you an opportunity of creating with dil and marks sets of 3 items, usually a console and 2 weapons (torpedo and beams).

My question is this, is it OK to have more than one set installed on your ship? (different sets of course).

Right now I have 2 of them the Romulan and the Omega sets. Would they negate each other?
Okay by whose standards?

Yes, it is totally normal to mix items from different sets, if that lead to the results you try to accomplish. Rule of thumb here is that as long as you are happy with your build, then it is perfect. Nothing wrong with trying to improve oneself though. Wink
Moved to "STO Discussions." This topic is unrelated to the skill planner

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How is this not related to planning your skills? I want to know if this mixing could be used to better my skills, but whatever, seems you have an issue with me.
I have no issue with you at all Smile Simply moderating the forums

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