Can't choose/change powers on Uni seats
Hi there,

I tried a couple of ships (Fleet T6 of Duv'qu and Mogg) and on both, I find myself unable to change the bridge abilities of the Universal seats.  I can specify them as E/S/T, buy when I try to assign or change abilities, clicking them won't bring up the list.  (This is from my mobile, I can try my PC later.)


EDIT: can do it from my desktop PC, just not from mobile.  Hmm...
Hmm I don't know why it wasn't working from your mobile device. Everything is exactly the same other than where everything is positioned, but that has no effect on functionality.

I can look into it but I'm glad you got it to work anyway.

Fair 'nuff, I'll keep trying on this end, too.
UPDATE: I finally got the buttons to press on my phone. It seems like the area to activate the button-press action might have shrunk and/or moved. It's working better in Chrome than Firefox (but for whatever reason, this is the only place this is causing me trouble, and it's a very new development.

Either way, all's well that ends well.
Maybe related: on my iPad, the various skill planner forms tend to slide down the screen after I select an item from a select list. But the position at which it's drawn doesn't appear to match the "real" position of the form, so taps either do nothing, or hit the wrong control. Scrolling the screen up or down a bit redraws the form in the correct location.
That's a very odd issue, you've stumped me on that one lol. It's good to know, thanks! Hopefully I can find a solution.

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