Log-In Queues?
Hey guys its just after the patch and to log in I am having severe issues. At first the launcher came up all messed up so I restarted and it started up fine and now to log in it set me into some queue saying the servers were full and gave me a waiting number (2100 of 4874). I've never seen this before, am I going to have to wait long?
dont worry it normal, i have seen this before. just like it state server full as everyone is hoping it s6.
you are lucky. I was 5227 of 8000+. just got disconneted Sad

so Tribble is still up though?

well it crashed for me after a few seconds being on :/
I'm in Holodeck now but my doff missions won't finish so I can't collect my rewards and I'm trying to get into Eta Eridani and its at a loading screen for the last 5 minutes. Cryptic really needs to hire some Comp Sci people that actually know what they're doing. Totally disappointed once again :/

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