Herald Antiproton
Hey guys what about the new Herald´s AP weapons? Anyone tried them? i thing +7% bonus damage is quite good, considering AP builds are on these days.


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I haven't tried them but I would assume this stacks in the same group that tac consoles and most other boosts go, meaning it is probably oversaturated and not that great. 

Actually, from what I hear, it's a cat2 buff (tac consoles are cat1).
Depends on how the mod works with other mods.  Most mods like this mean you lose 1 of the 4 mods you get on a normal weapon, which would mean you're only getting a crtd/dmg x2 or losing pen for that 7% boost.
If it is Cat2 then they would be significantly more useful for most people. Can you confirm?

I haven't tested it myself (have no interest in those weapons), but it has been confirmed to me by some top players.
It also shouldn't be too hard to test: just shoot at something with no buffs and, when the +7% DMG proc activates, check by what actual % the tooltip damage/dps increases. If the 7% translate to something like 5%...then you know it's cat2.  If it's more like 1%, then it's cat1. If it was actually 7% then it would be a category of its own.

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