MAC CLIENT Discontinued PlayonMAc Program
Once again Cryptic has crashed the MAC client.... 

Unable to start game clientConfuseduccess    Angry Angry Angry

Not happy, every single new season they release this happens, and they hardly offer any support for mac users... 

EDIT- the temporary fix using PlayonMac below does work. 


Please note: TO BE APPLIED AT THE USERS OWN RISK, I am not a computer expert. 

1) GO to the existing STO application, and show package contents. 

2) Create a shortcut on the desktop of the Star Trek Online.exe file, which can be found by clicking on these folders in order ; 

contents, resources, transgaming, c_drive, StarTrekOnline, and in the last file, the .exe program should be at the bottom of the folder. 

3) Install PlayonMac-     uses Wine wrapper to run windows apps on mac

4) Create Virtual Drive- To do this go to install a program on the main menu,  then click on Install a non-listed program

5) Once Virtual Drive has been made, Press Configure on the main menu then click on the Virtual Drive you want to run STO on. 

6) Click on the Miscellaneous  tab, and click on run an .exe file on this virtual drive. 

6)  Then in the open a program window, go to desktop, and run the Star Trek Online.exe file, and the launcher should load after several seconds. 

7) After loading(see notes below)  you may find that it is quite choppy and laggy. To fix this, you need to go to the in game graphics settings, and turn everything to off, low, or minimum, which will make a lot of the lag go away, which makes the game playable. For me at least the picture quality was fine, not too much difference from the normal mac client on max settings. 


1)  After launching it will take some time (up to 15 mins) for the game to load, especially on the New Dawn loading page. be patient, it will work, just give it some time. 

2) The reason for creating a shortcut to the .exe file is because otherwise when trying to run an .exe file, it is unable to open the STO application, and will not show the package contents, which the .exe file is located in. 

3) If the .exe file doesn't work for you, once you have created a virtual drive, you can go to Install a non listed program again,   but instead of creating a new virtual drive, click on Edit or Update and existing an existing application   and then choose a virtual drive to use. Then when browsing, simply click on the existing STO application. It will have to re=install the application, but the end results for me at least was the same as the .exe file. 

Hope this helps,

Apparently its being looked at:

Hoping for a quick fix. Fingers crossed.
Yeah I saw that thread, at least they are actually not ignoring mac users for once. 
Yeah several players posted about it in the STO forum. Hopefully it gets fix quick.
Check out a program called playonlinux.  I believe there's a Mac version, it should allow you to use STO's Windows client.
Very displeased, 18hours without an update, and it seems that no mac users can log in. 
Yep, an update would surely be nice. Hoping it gets fixed w/ tomorrow's patch at the latest. This is getting quite frustrating.
Trying to use the playonmac app to work it, see if it does. Besides these things are so common that it would be useful to have a backup system to use when they crash the client anyway. 
Official update:
I think I managed to find a way to get it working, but it is rather convoluted, and don't really want to re-install 12 GB. If a fix doesn't come tomorrow then ill run it via PlayonMac. 

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