Is the fleet dead?
For the last few weeks, I log in periodically and there is nothing going on in fleet chat. There hasn't been any fleet events held by leaders since the end of the summer event months ago. Apart from the weekly messages, I haven't seen any sign of life from leadership or anyone in general. Is the fleet still alive?

On that note, I would like to host some new content runs with the fleet this week. I have run all of it on tribble and would love to help everyone explore the content. Unfortunately, i can no longer make events for the fleet so can someone help me make this happen?
No, the fleet is not dead. We've just been a bit busy in RL lately. Wink

Please specify the details of your event and I'll put it in the calendar.
I am back as well, I have noticed that since the new season is live chat once again is active.
I don't know about everyone else but I was really board with STO and hadn't played for over 2 weeks.  Just started up again last Friday, still don't play as much as I did before.

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