Surviving Issues
Hey all this is a new posting of my ship build for my KDF Tactical. Current LvL is 54. I need a new look assist due to I am having surviving issues, I seem to be getting either 1 shot KO or my shields dont last and my hull will drop faster then i can press the repair/heal commands.

Is this happening in all your combats or against a specific target like Borgs, Undines etc etc?
I noticed it happening against all my enemies as of late. as in the Delta Quadrant enemies.  The Malon, Kazon and Borg.

No matter what the opponent is here are some things that may be causing the problem. 

1) You only have 1 hull healing ability, ENG team I, which isn;t the most powerful hull healing ability. You could get Hazard emitters I as a science power instead of tractor beams, which would give you a small hull heal. You could also upgrade ENG team I to II. 

2) Breen Resiliant Shields. -  These don't have the highest shield capacity, and at lv 54, may not be the best for an escort. 

3) No Science Consoles- There are a number of entry level science consoles, such as field emitters which will boost your shield HP. 

4) Too many Neutronium Alloys- You have 3 equipped, and so the added effects will diminish with each one. So, I would replace one with another engineering console, say an EPS relay. 

5) You are in a tier 5 Escort- escorts don't have that much hull, and so you will probably blow up more than a sci ship or cruiser. But the flip side is that you will blow up enemies quicker and deal more damage. 

Hope this helps,

AAAICT is on the right track with the heal and gear recommendations but even more than that I would suggest upgrading your shields to XIV as this gives a large boost in effectiveness. Also, get some science consoles from the Embassy or the Research Lab with +ShHP mod on them. On an escort you want the best shields you can get ahold of and I'd also try to fit a shield heal in there if possible. 

as suggested by aaaict, change your Eng Team 1 to Eng Team 2 & switch your tractor Beam for a Hazard Emitter. I would also suggest adding Emergency to shield. this way you have 2 heals for both Hull & Shield.

Also do not neglect your DOFF stations to decrease cool downs for these heals.

For your Sci slots, look at Field Generator or Emitter Array (Shield Cap & Healing respectively).
I recently picked up a Exotic Field Exciter on the Exchange (around 600k) which covers both in one slot.
Expensive, but worth looking into.

Iconian Rep has a Universal "Sustained Radiant Field" Gives Both Hull & Shield Healing, along with all Weapon Damage.

If you have not already you should do the House Pegh Mission to get the Ship Trait "The Best Defense" which adds Hull healing on use of Attack Patterns (Alpha being the exception).

Since you are using the Breen Set, you may want to consider something to boost your Flow cap to increase power of your Siphon?

Blood of the Ancients also gives a Harmonic Relay that you may find useful which boosts both Disruptor & Transphasic damage.

Hope this helps.

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