Nausicaan Stinger Fighters missing, plus other things
Just another thing to add to the list Wink 

The new fighter pets that come with the Kolasi Seige Destroyer, Nausicaan Stinger fighters, in regular advanced and elite variants.

Also, some other things I've mentioned earlier still missing:

Attack Pattern Delta Prime
Point Defense Protocols
Scramble Fighters

Reciprocity (for KDF and ROM)
Tactical Retreat (for KDF and Fed)
Overwhelming force (for Fed and Rom)
^^ ie make those available for all factions ^^

There's also a whole slew of new consoles and kit stuff from new Research Labs holding missing.
'Restorative Particle Focuser' and 'Exotic Particle Focuser' science consoles
Strategic Secondary Deflectors

From latest Butterfly mission,
'Temporal Disentanglement Suite' console
'Sol Defence' space set

1 more thing I just noticed.

The Sheshar. Current one in planner is the original Intel variant. There's also a command version too

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