"Lone Wolf" Pilot Space Skill
Tier 4 of the Pilot Specialization has "Lone Wolf I" and Lone Wolf II" available for purchase with a Specialization Point.

All of the Pilot Specialization skills I have purchased so far have been passive, except for "Rock & Roll" which gives me an Action button I can select when I want to activate it.

The wording of these skills always leaves me wondering if they are passive or need to be activated.

I would like to purchase Lone Wolf, but only if I can Activate it when I want to.  If it is passive (and therefore always enabled), then I would not want to purchase it (and there is no way to un-purchase a passive specialization skill).

Does anybody have the Lone Wolf Pilot Specialization skill purchased, and if so, is it a passive space skill, or one that gets activated with a button?

It is an active skill, so you need to activate it. Press P to bring up your skill list, look for Lone Wolf and then just drag and drop it into your tray.
Most of the end-tier abilities in the specialization trees are active powers.

Excellent - I will go ahead and get it then. I just did not want it ALWAYS active!

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