Struggles with surviving and power management
Hi All
My first real ship build I have slowly been putting together
I am struggling with maintaining power levels and surviving on elite level.

Also damage output from AP's seems to be considerably less until I break through shields which can take quote a while on the capital ships but I am getting pounded into dust well before that happens on some occasions.

Ship link -

I am working on the iconian shield, deflector two piece set and also my doffs
Currently I have 3 B'trann purple Doffs  and two blue DCE's active
Correction - One blue DCE and an Ultra Rare Exocomp Maintenance DOFF

I have a Rommie Fleet Embassy Tac Officer and my crit H percent is around 15.4% and severity around 130% when everything is all activated

I have a spacebar keybind setup that activates all my aux to batt's, emergency shield and weapon powers, along with my tac skills and FAW is activated on need manually
I think its setup correctly for an aux to batt build, my weapons power sits on max 95% of the time, shield dips sometimes, but my aux levels get really bad, depending on what point of the cycle it is.

I apologise if some of the information is missing to make a judgement - am just looking for some tips


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