Elite Fleet Shields VS Iconian Shields
I am trying to decide between the following two shields:

(1) Elite Fleet Adaptive Resilient Shield Array [Adapt] [Cap]x2 [Reg]
Capacity = 5617
Regen = 172
Bonus = Up to 10 resistance charges of 2% resistance to any incoming damage type (Max 20%)
(Bonus resets every 30 seconds)

(2) Iconian Resistance Resilient Shield Array
Capacity = 5630
Regen = 149
Bonus = 20% reduction in all incoming energy damage

My question is are there damage types that are covered by the incremental 2% resistance charges that apply to shields (1) Bonus that are not also covered by the fixed 20% reduction of shields (2) Bonus?

If both shields provide resistance to the exact same damage types, then shields (2) are probably better in that they are always at the max of 20% instead of incrementing up to 20% and resetting every 30 seconds.

But if shields (1) covers more actual damage types, then it might be better.
Both of these shields reduce damage from the 6 energy types:

Phaser, Disruptor, Plasma, Tetryon, Polaron, and Antiproton.

But are there additional damage types that the the Elite Fleet Adaptive shield protects against since the its bonus says "any incoming damage type" instead of just the "energy damage type" that the Iconian bonus says?
The way I understand the mechanics of the Fleet Shields is that the Adaptive Shielding build up 10 charges total, no matter what. So if you are attacked using f.e. Disruptors and Exotic Damage, you may end up with like 7 charges for Disruptors (14% Resistance) and 3 charges for Exotic Damage (6%), while the Iconian Shield gives you 20% resistance from the beginning.

Another factor, why the Iconian Shield may be better is if you use other items of the Iconian Set.
The best part of Iconian shield is that it removes debuffs. You can use Override System Safeties and shields automaticlly repairs offline subsystem, not to mention the 3pcs set bonus of course.

The Iconian set's ability to remove various debuffs along with its inherent set bonuses make it pretty much the best set for everything right now unless you really need to buff a specific skill for something like an exotic damage build or a drain build. Fleet shields are very good if you don't have access to the Iconian gear yet though. 


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