How to boost [Flow] for Leech
I finally got a Plasmonic Leech, and so now I need to increase my Starship Flow Capacitors to make effective use of the Leech.

My current stat for Starship Flow Capacitors is 125 from the following:

84 Starship Flow Capacitors "Skills" tab
+8.8 [Flow] modifier on my Deflector (Elite Fleet Axion Deflector)
+31.9 [Flow] modifier on my Mk XII Science Console (Weapon Signature Nullifier)

#1)  I can add 16 to my Skills tab if I pay for a respec
#2)  I can add another 5.7 by upgrading my Mk XII UR Sci to a Mk XIV Epic
#3)  I can add another 37.6 by adding a second Mk XIV Epic Sci console

I plan to do #1 next time I respec.

I plan to do #2 as I craft upgrades.

#3 would require that I either get rid of my Universal Console "Enhanced Dynamic Tactical System" (ETDS) from my 2nd Sci Console slot, or move ETDS to another type of console slot.  I only have 2 Sci Console slots.

Any suggestions for more [Flow]?

Here is my build:  BobATreks AP Build
There are plenty of ways to get more, the Embassy science consoles with +Flow are great but you can also get a crafted engineering Conductive RCS console with +Flow mod for your engineering slots. Only one per ship though. The lobi store has the Rule 62 console which adds to flow caps, and the storyline Jem'Hadar set has I believe currently the highest flow bonus on its deflector especially if you upgrade it to XIV. There are also some set bonuses I can't recall off the top of my head which boost it. 

I moved one of my Universal Consoles from a Sci console slot to an Eng console slot by getting rid of the Eng console "EPS Flow Regulator".  

Then I put in a second Weapon Signature Nullifier [Flow] in the now open Sci console.  I also crafted both of my Sci [Flow] consoles to Mk XIV.  Unfortunately neither chanced up to Epic grade.

I did not really notice the deletion of the EPS Flow Regulator, but noticed a huge difference in my Leech!

I have updated my Build page.  Any more suggestions?

Here is my build:  BobATreks AP Build

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