USS Boxer: 100K+ DPS Fleet Arbiter
OSS is really a wonderful wonderful thing. In my 111K run, 81K came from phaser damage alone. I had never broken the 10K per array barrier before. OSS plays a notable role in that and was maybe responsible for something like 10/15% of that 81K (wild guess). However, in these high-end runs I often only use OSS2 twice (cooled down by temporal negotiator) since there isn't the time in sub-2-minute runs for the subsequent cycle with OSS1.

Compared my Tac Oddy's top run (97K), the most notable difference is a gain of 20K in array damage (81K vs. 61K) and a loss of 7/8K in plasma explosions (2 sci slots vs 3).

But overall, there are many factors that go beyond the build itself when it comes to "chasing numbers"...most importantly piloting. Correct ability activation cycles (when to activate abilities and in what order) and positioning are key...not to mention getting a good GDF.

Ultimately there isn't a single "trick", but it's rather the accretion of many synergising factors.
Minor update:

Managed to slightly better my personal record to 117K DPS a few days before S11 came out (3/2 split 75K channel run). Also managed 115K on a standard LR run in a pug...but with a couple of 100K friends in the team (the two unsuspecting puggers got quite a show Smile ).

With S11, I added Self-Modulating Fire to my personal traits (dropping Pattern Recognition) and the Quantum Phase Converter console from the Sunrise featured episode (dropping the assimilated module).

The Quantum Phase Converter is a 25% cat1 dps boost to phasers at MK XIV Epic; this roughly translate to 4% effective to phaser damage on my build. The Assimilated Module netted around 2% on anything that could crit. Considering that (on my build) phasers are essentially the only thing I can crit with, the switch was a no-brainer now that embassy consoles no longer crit.

I strongly suspect that 120/130K should be very much doable in a good lagless run w/ a high-end team if I can get my piloting spot-on. It's essentially a matter of the stars aligning at this point. We shall see; if it happens it happens Smile

At this stage it's clearly a matter of chasing numbers for the sake of numbers...but there aren't many other things to do at end-game, and I must admit I personally find it to be a fun persuit.
Congrats! 117K is a far off dream... 

Any suggestions on how to increase DPS, on a budget. Im at 25K atm, and looking to get into 30, but don't have the resources to buy the epic dmgx3 pens off the exchange. Neither can I get the bioneural circuitry console or the plasmic leech, or any of the high end traits. 

Aside from that, are there any general piloting rules to max out DPS on ISA? 
Thanks aaaict!

Some thoughts...

Weapon [mods] don't make or break builds. BIC is roughly a 3% DPS boost on whatever can crit. Most personal traits, even the best ones, are very small DPS boosts. So you don't need most of the expensive stuff. Yes, it adds up to give you some nice boosts, but until you reach the very high-end, the biggest gains are often very cheap if not free.

For more "EC-friendly" alternatives, could run Assimilated instead of BIC (losing out on around 1% effective...but not even given that unless you have many of the weapon power drain mitigation goodies of a top-end build you'd want the Assimilated/KCB 2-piece anyway), a normal EPS flow reg instead of the EPS RCS (losing out on NONE of the DPS gains)...and, until you can afford leech, you could just run the Zero Point Energy conduit from the romulan rep.

The embassy consoles are relatively cheap to buy at MK X and to upgrade to XIV. Remember that these are just as much "no-brainers" to fill your sci slots as locators are in your tac slots (for beam boats). The plasma explosion proc effectively make them the consoles with the highest DPS contribution in-game for beam boats (even after the nerf that stopped them from critting).

Admittedly, however, Leech is quite an important item...but you can still comfortably break 50K without ANY expensive gear once you get the hang of it.

Leech, All Hands on Deck and Emergency Weapon Cycle are the first "big" items I would personally save for. EWC also happens to come with a great ship Smile

However, overall build logic and piloting are he biggest contributors to DPS and they are both free.

As for piloting in ISA, grandnagusurst (fellow 100Ker) made a nice write-up here:

Only thing worth adding is that I attempt to get my GDF already in "phase one" (by eating the cube's core breach) if I managed to aggro the spheres and they dropped my shields enough (If I fail there, I try again in phase 2 and so on).

If you haven't heard of it already, the Pilot Review Show also goes over piloting basics:

In any case, here are random tips/tricks from the top of my head:
  • Always keep in mind that timing abilities is key. Keep your big buffs for the most target rich areas (left and right transformers).
  • Remember to to always to overlay you FaW cycles w/ an attack pattern (e.g. activate APB right before faw, so that every FaW shot will be upgraded by APB). Maximise the overlay of you big buffs and FaW in general. For instance, if you activate APA right before FaW, you can fit 2 full FaW Cycles under one APA.
  • Be very careful of keybinds: these can be good used judiciously or, if used too liberally, DPS killers. The stereotypical 100K dps FAW spacebar masher is a myth. For example, distrubute shields can break you firing cycle; so keep it binded separately and, if possible, don't use it all in your dps runs.
  • DO NOT mash fire all weapons all the time. This can also break firing cycles. You should keep in on a separate bind and only use it as needed (idealy only once per run since you want "toggle, never cancels" in your firing settings...although, at times, you may still need to hit "fire all" at times to remind it).
  • DO NOT underestimate the importance of GDF's if you're a tac captain. This is a scaling 50% (if activated at 49% hull) to 100% (if activated at 1% hull) cat2 damage buff. It is the single biggest DPS advantage available to tac captains vs. other careers. From my experience, one of the typical differences between top DPSers and more casual players is their willingness to actively "hunt" GDF's. It's well worth it.

Finally, before I carry on for too long, DO NOT underestimate the importance of team coordination and composition. Merely coordinating your Tac Fleet/Intel Fleet usage is notable DPS boost for all team members since these abilities don't stack and so should be staggered (each tac member should call TIF start, left, right, gate and tac cube...SIF for Scis, EIF for engis....TIP/SIP/EIP if w/ ICO piece). This is standard practice in DPS channel runs and for good reason (although in 10K many still need to learn this). Also, playing with better teams usually results in better debuffing and faster runs (=higher DPS). To give you an idea, if there are no major lag issues, I can realistically hope to more or less consistently break the 100K mark in 50K and 75K channel teams (if I fly well). In 30K channel teams it already becomes harder and 80/90K are more reasonable expectations. In a less than ideal PUG, where the avg. DPS of the other players is maybe 7/8K, where I'm doing 60/70% of team DPS AND taking-in in 70/80% of the damage (which this build can survive)...I'll be happy to break 75K at all. So DPS is also very team and context dependent.

Just some food for thought! 

Please let me know if you have any specific questions! Smile
Being an Engy i don't use attack patterns nor do I run phasers but do use FAW quite frequently. Despite my best efforts I'm stonewalled at 8.6k dps. What can you recommend to help me break that magic 10k barrier?
Despite being an engie, you should still be chaining attack patterns in conjunction with FaW.

Without knowing your build and specifics it's hard to give you better advice. Do you have a skillplanner link to your build?
(02-26-2016, 06:56 PM)sf911 Wrote: Despite being an engie, you should still be chaining attack patterns in conjunction with FaW.

Without knowing your build and specifics it's hard to give you better advice. Do you have a skillplanner link to your build?

I have come to LOVE my fleet b/c as my main and am enjoying soaking up the info. Thanks for sharing! I tried to click your oddy link, but I get a blank screen, as I am looking for some ideas for my future dreadnought fun build.
[Image: cFqcOOp.gif]
(02-29-2016, 04:51 PM)dudeorama Wrote: I have come to LOVE my fleet b/c as my main and am enjoying soaking up the info.  Thanks for sharing!  I tried to click your oddy link, but I get a blank screen, as I am looking for some ideas for my future dreadnought fun build.

Glad you find it useful! Smile

As for my oddy build, I might have deleted it in the process of cleaning up some of my older builds.

This was my latest T5-U Tac Oddy build: (clocked at 110K+)

...and this is my current T6 Sci Oddy build: (120K+)

Both builds (like all my builds) are not "pure" DPS builds as they are slightly over-endowed in terms of heals/survivability as I enjoy to pug quite a lot. You clearly don't need all those heals in higher-end teams (especially the RIF). However, I am fixated with my strange "one build to do it all" concept. I find a strange sort of satisfaction being able to live through 80%+ of aggro in a "bad" pug and then hit 100K+ in a channel run with the same build.

Also, it's worth noting you don't need all that expensive "stuff" to get good numbers. Gilded items and very expensive gear is the icing on the cake; piloting and overall build logic are at the core of a successful ship rather than the "bling" (which of course still helps raise the DPS ceiling).

As a side note, for game mechanics/builds I highly recommend taking a look at the STO Builds subreddit...a lot of good stuff over there:

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