Sol defence set
Hey Captains,

what are yours first impressions of Sol Defence Set. Kind of tanky one. Do ypu think it is better than Kobali one?

Max out

Nobody tried? Kobali or Sol Defense set for tank build?

It'll be good while you're leveling but Iconian for most people is still the best set. I'm not usually a tank-crafter so I can't say there.

I'm planning to try the Sol set with the set from Butterfly for a tank build I'm working on.  Haven't used it yet but it looks like a good set for tanking.
I use it on my three T5-U MM Sci vessels and I'm happy with it. I also don't have the rep to compare to all the reputation gear people say you want (I'm working out reskilling my main captain though, planning a secondary toon, and working on building reputation).
I have it and with the exception of the big heal I dont see how can be better than the Iconian.
Haven't gotten all of either set yet but the aux power boosts combined with the aux to offense and defence traits from the Nukara rep is really good.  My weapons do more damage with high aux power than with high weapon power and the Temporal Disentanglement Suite's critd and crith boosts based on aux power is nice too.  I'm working on a tank/healer so the high aux power boosts my heals and with these traits and the console I'm able to boost them without sacrificing a lot of my DPS.

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