Skill Planner - how to use - HELP PLZ
I''m a relative newb at STO (and RPG's in general), and I'm struggling with the planner on how to fix my ranked up way too quickly T5 captain. I was fine in the lower tier's, but suddenly at level 50 (and at 54 now) I'm suddenly finding I'm getting my ship blown up often in the foundry (not once before lvl 50, but happy to say that rate is going down steadily), and during PvE events I feel like I'm just holding everyone up and lengthening out battles... Now I do realize that a good portion may just be my poorly developed skills (as in me, not the char).

I discovered the DPS Sci build at Necrobones and it'd helped out quite a bit (my ship blow up got cut in half), although I realize it's an old setup.. But it seams to be fairly well rounded - and so if the setup looks somewhat familiar, well, thats is why. :-)

Here's my ships loadouts, BOFF's, captain skills, etc.

Read the notes as there are several items in which are NOT accurate (esp the sci consoles)...

I didn't bother putting it in or making a build for it - I do have a 2nd load out - it's exactly the same build out except the energy type of the weapons - it's Polaron instead of Tetryon (all the weapon types and positions stay 100% exactly the same, a few mod differences as well (as I know that weapon set is all mark X and is all very rare). From a playability stand point, the difference is purple or blue (and I lean more towards the blue as it looks nice against the blackness of space).

So anyways, I'm not sure what to do with this ship and captain at this point (well, other then I eventually hope to get a plasmatic leach console, next week the Sol Defense Covariant Shield Array... Any idea's, pointers?

I've also started another toon a few days ago, but I'm also unsure how I go about using the planner to plan out what I want that toon's skills, BOFF's, and ship to look like by the time she hits 50 (the toon is on a totally different path - Tac officer, which I think I'm going to stick to escort ship's and work on my piloting skills.
Hey nuke! Just a few things ive noticed, maybe it will put you in good stead! I will try and advise you without the need for you to buy from provisioned fleet stores, as I do not know what your resources are like.

You will probably find that sticking with a T4 ship will set you back, especially as you're closer to the new level cap. You should be thinking of at least a T5 ship. My recommendation would have to be a Vesta.

Cannons/turrets on a science ship? Not a great idea. Science ships come with the ability to knock out subsystems, but this can only be done with Beam Arrays. Not to mention the inherent difference in damage that comes with beam arrays over cannon/turret weapons. Science ships should really be running beam arrays.

I noticed that your Def/Engines are the Sol set, and I take it you're just going with that. Thats grand for the moment. In the future, when you are able, aim for the Iconian Resistance space set.

This goes for that torpedo. You will be aiming to get as much kinetic/exotic/particle damage out of your skills and abilities, and that torpedo is going to be a pure dps killer. Swap it out for a beam array.

Boff wise, you should swap out beam overload for beam fire at will. For your lieutennant station think about Tactical Team 1 and Beam fire at will 2, or Attack Pattern Beta 1.

What procs are on your secondary deflector? Just have a think about this one in particular, and pick the deflector that is going to match up with your boff skills. I see you have Gravity Well there, and that looks like the right choice. Try and find a Science Captain who can make you Gravity Well 3!

If you have the resources, you can think about fleet consoles. Vulnerability consoles for your tactical slots from a fleet spire and the Plasma generating weapon nulifiers from the embassy. Of course, like I said, IF you have the resources, there are alternatives, like some crafted consoles.

As for your skill layout, I have absolutely no idea what is going on there. Starship Electroplasma systems should be full for your power transfer rate. You can take points of Weapon performance and put them into auxilliary performance seeing as your skills and abilities on a science ship will be more of a focus.

Your skill points need set to how your ship is going to work, rather than the fact you're an engineering captain. Take all your points out of any projectile points and put them in energy weapons and starship weapons training. Get rid of that torpedo!

Thats all im going to say just for the moment. Hopefully that helps you out somewhat. Theres loads you can do here.
The Reconnasance Class Science vessel *IS* a T5 ship....

Matter not, it's not the best, just a really good all rounded (final) commissioned upgrade ship...

But I am in agreement that I'm due for a new ship, however I'm holding off that for a few reasons, but the biggest being dilithium grinding and converting it to ZEN - that will be a patience game.  I've got a few in mind, some of them from the fleet I'm in, some non-fleet as well.

And for the moment I'm going with the Sol defense gear simply I don't have the rep to get MACO gear and other goodies (I'm working on that though)....  And EC is hard to come by right now (I grind it quick enough, but grind it right back down while I work at getting better DOFFs and stuff).

The basic build is about heals (shields and hull, self and team), kicking down shields, and then belting out a huge exotic blow once those shields fail.  At least, that was what I was aiming for.

The stats I chose where and effort to balance fire power, the exotic damage, and heals (the around stats where combat oriented while also keeping the game happy).

Fire at will, I'm not a fan of it.  I'll have to play with it some more, but honestly I went the beam overload to make that one beam array keep up with the cannons.

Well, the basic setup gives me pretty good maneuverability - can almost keep up with 'em speedy escorts (not quite, but hence the tractor beam).  So I'm not finding any issue keeping the single cannon on target, and love the fact I have 5 energy weapons going all at once.  I did debate bitting a 2nd beam array there, but the cannon just has a little more kick.  The turrets may not do a lot of DPS per shot, but they crack off a lot of shots even before I hit the rapid fire.  So essentially as long as I keep on target, I have 5 weapons barreling down on the enemy + the torp.  The torp help's once the shields are down (shields up torp's suck), really good with kinetic damage.  I'm not partial to it, but I have the torp as what I read on the Necrobones site there was logic in not having another energy weapon drawing down power.

Energy settings - I should have mentioned those.  The weapons are dialed back a little to 95, and the boosts put the green bar at 108.  Aux power is 35, resulting in 78.  The engines I have dialed all the way back to 25, and again, the resulting power is 45.  Leaving shields at 45, and I'm still hitting 74.

I do want a Grav III at some point, but with those three fleet sci consoles stacked up (they boost both Particle emitters and Graviton emitters largely), the Gravity Well (despite it only being a II) works awesomely at pulling in the enemy and banging out a decent amount of damage.  Prob wondering how that works with the lowish aux power setting - hence why I tied it and my aux battery together in a macro (also have another macro to activate the tractor beam and fire off the photonic shockwave - great for bouncing everyone back while tearing the heck out of the ship I'm beating down, and I find standard power with out the batt is more then adequate for that).

You know, at this point I really should bench my ship's DPS...
A different question in just how to use the Skill Planner:
I can't choose the Deflector Array Mk IV and the Matter / Anti-Matter Warp Core Mk IV.... Any idea why??
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Hi Nuno!

There are specific types of deflector arrays and warp cores, so you need to select the type that you have.

i.e. with deflector arrays there are a variety of options, at your level (lt commander i'm guessing with Mk iv gear) you would probably have a neutrino, tachyon or graviton deflector dish. These are the ones you need to choose from the dropdown menu. 

same goes for warp cores, you will be looking for either hyper charged, stabilized or re-inforced.
Thanks... will check on that
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